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Lose Weight and Gain Your Life

By April 11, 2024Weight Loss
Weight Loss - Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Can Help

Lose Weight and Gain Your Life

How Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Can Help

How Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Can Help

Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Modification, Awareness Therapy, and Past Life Regression can change your life.

The graph above came along with this sweet message:

“We’ve been working together for about a year, but my health journey has continued for much longer. You’ve been instrumental in this process, and I wanted to share my progress over the past three years with you. And thank you for all you’ve done for me!”

That’s from a tall, handsome filmmaker, 34, who changed his beliefs, thinking, and habits.

As everyone knows, losing weight isn’t easy, and keeping it off can be even more challenging. For instance, remember that all the contestants on “The Biggest Loser” gained their weight back within a year?

Gastric bypass patients gain their weight back, and we’ve all watched years and years of Oprah “outsourcing” her weight problem with every diet fad, every guru, and personal cook galore. Now she’s on the drug that might or might not destroy her pancreas. No one knows the long-term effects of these drugs.

Why don’t the methods work? Because people don’t uncover the unconscious need for their self-destructive behavior and protective “padding.”

Many women do this for different reasons. I know all too well because when I was 15, someone tried to rape me. I fought him off, but I immediately gained forty pounds, which I lugged around for years.

It wasn’t until I understood the source of my subconscious need to protect myself that I let that forty pounds go. It’s why I love to help people uncover their own sources of self-protective sabotage.

To help people change their habits, thought patterns, belief systems, and brains, I begin with five sessions, each two hours long.

In the first two-hour session, I take a trauma history; then, I explain how the brain is programmed to protect because of events from the past. After that, I make a twenty-minute hypnosis MP3 to help clients change their habits of thinking, believing, and behaving, that is, to help them change their “wiring.” Awareness Therapy.

I use techniques that help clients delete destructive brain circuits that sabotage them. After that, they learn how to insert new thinking, doing, and believing habits into their brains. And that changes their lives. Mindful Therapy.

In the second session, I use a Jungian-based technique to access the “Inner Child.” That way, a client will find the answers to the following questions:  Why am I stuck?

In the third session, that’s when clients trust me enough to be able to access their deepest selves and their past-life memories. It’s fussy work, and complete trust is essential.

A few years ago, I had an outstanding client named Nancy. A lawyer, the mother of two young children, and a husband who only came home on weekends, Nancy had her hands full and was stressed. She needed stress management.

Her mother had just died from a long, protracted, painful illness, and Nancy wanted to know how she and her mother might have been connected in a past life.

She also wanted to lose about thirty pounds because she’d always had a weight problem. Nancy’s job is to represent abused children in the family court system – that’s her challenging work.

By her third session, when we did her Past Life Regression, Nancy “went back in time,” and I said, “Look at your feet.”

“I’m barefoot,” she said.

“Where are you?”

“I’m a little boy. Simon’s my name. Maybe seven or eight. I’m in the woods, gathering twigs. It’s the 1800s, Pennsylvania.”

“Go to where you live,” I said.

“I live under a house,” and she started to weep. “I live like an animal; I’m hungry, I’m so cold, I’m so alone. Nobody loves me.” She described this lifetime, where she’d been abandoned by her mother, whom she didn’t recognize but knew that the mother was not okay.

“She’s weak,” she said.

When I asked Nancy to look at the people who lived in the house above her, she recognized an uncle from this lifetime whom she didn’t like and her own grandmother, a woman she also didn’t like in this lifetime.

Soul groups often travel in groups, and people frequently see many of the same people they’re connected to in this life, expressed as different kinds of connections in other lives. For instance, a brother can be a former husband, a father can be a former best friend, a sister or wife, and so on.

“Let’s go to the next pivotal experience,” I said.

“I’m dying,” she said. “It’s winter, and I’m freezing to death.”

I asked her “to float above” and understand what her soul needed to learn in that brief lifetime, and she said, “That family and community are important.”

Now, because that death was traumatic, I did what I call psychic CGI – Computer Generated Imagery. So we “re-did” that death, and I asked Nancy to be under the house as her present adult self and just to hold Simon and comfort him as he dies.

When Nancy returned to room awareness, she understood why she’d always felt that she couldn’t get enough to eat. She also understood why she is so fiercely protective of children who are abused—two monumental “Ah ha!” moments.

Did we find her mother in that lifetime? No, but in her following regression, she found her mother. And that life was beautiful! She was a beloved Chinese monk in a tiny village in ancient China. And her mother was there as a fellow monk. She also saw her best friend in that lifetime as the man she’s married to now. And both of her daughters were her devoted students. That lifetime was filled with joy, community, and love.

Then, to clear up any residual anger that she had because of her mother’s death, I asked her to ask her mother anything she wanted to ask.

“Why didn’t you take better care of yourself?

“I needed to be in pain in this lifetime to learn many lessons. It was my own choice to die the way I did.”

And because of that conversation with her mother, Nancy could let go of the anger that comes when we lose the people we love. The “knowingness” that love never dies and that only the body dies made the loss of her mother easier to bear.

Nancy lost forty pounds, and she kept them off.

Body image and weight are intrinsically interconnected, and over the years, I’ve helped so many people understand their “resistance” to “owning their power and beauty” by using hypnosis, awareness therapy, and Past Life Regressions.

As I said, the reason I love my work is that I spent years battling my own weight until I found the key to long-term weight loss: You have to love yourself lean by creating habits of eating, living, and exercising, but most of all, your habits of thinking!

So, if you want to change all your own negative, obsessive-compulsive thinking, please give me a call.

(323) 933-4377

Sending you love,


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