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Howard Suber and Francis Ford Coppola, - - UCLA alumnus - Stephanie Riseley - Los Angeles Hypnosis

Become The Star of Your Own Inner-Movie

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Helps Heal Childhood Trauma!

My time at UCLA’s Graduate School of Film & Television was my life’s most fun three years. I was lucky to have excellent teachers, Howard Suber (pictured above) and Francis Ford Coppola, another UCLA alumnus. Howard taught a great Film Structure course, now a Netflix Series, called The Power of Film. Check it out.

In my work, I use Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavior Modification to help people turn their lives around. Get them out of the “Victim” mode and turn them into the “Hero or Heroine” of the movie of their own life.

From my decidedly different point of view, everyone has a purpose, and we are all here to discover who we truly are – at a core level, at a soul level – and to find our “soul purpose.” Then, we must find the courage to create lives that will make us proud.

To do that, you’ll first need to uncover the talents that might be buried under years of anger, sorrow, and self-defeating behaviors. Then, like miners, you’ll have to bring your talents up to the surface, like sparking diamonds!   Or a maybe better analogy? Become a spiritual archaeologist, and go on an expedition in search of buried artifacts from your past that might explain your present life’s “challenges.”

How best to do that? Change your story – become the star of your own inner-movie.

Find an easy, efficient way to heal your childhood trauma that will allow you to change your story, release the pain of your past, and finally forgive. Yes, I know. Sigh. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard this before, and still you’re angry, yes?   I know it’s so much easier said than done. Because I spent most of my life locked into the view from my rear-view mirror, I couldn’t focus forward because I was focused on the fifteen-car pile-up just behind me. That’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) writ large. I had it, and I got over it. And so can you.

Here’s how!

Cognitive Behavior Modification, Hypnotherapy, and Past Life Regression can help you heal quickly. I know because it helped me heal. Ten years of my own “talking therapy” was like taking an aspirin for cancer. It was nice to have someone on my side and to listen to me, but week after week of “complaining didn’t do much to help me heal. The newest brain research proves that “talking therapy” just reinforced the painful memories that almost killed me. But all of that is in my own past. Now I’m free of it. And that’s why I love doing what I do, so that I can help other people heal, too.

Let me share a story about a beautiful young woman, Vanessa, 24, who came to me because she felt trapped, depressed, angry, and defeated. If I could have found a picture of a sad little cartoon burro lugging a wagon full of free-loading, music-making, horn-blowing partiers up a steep incline, that would have described her life to a tee.

Vanessa was born in El Salvador to a hot young momma and a sexy, handsome, drug-runner dad. Vanessa was baby number 3, and they weren’t 25 yet. The adventurous young family found their way to Los Angeles when Vanessa was an infant. Unfortunately, her father, still running drugs, was gunned down when she was just six. That left her beautiful young mother to fend for herself, and she did it the way many young, attractive women do things – she used her beauty to find men – usually abusive men.

Vanessa grew up poor in the crime-ridden projects. When she was, she too would be diagnosed with PTSD because a bullet meant for a nearby gang member just missed her head. The gang member wasn’t so lucky, however, so she saw him die. Her older sister, Rosanna, had gotten seduced into “the life,” but Vanessa wanted none of it.

When I met Vanessa, she was 30 pounds overweight, living with her 28-year-old wanna-be musician brother and her 46-year-old mother, who claimed to be “disabled” and hadn’t worked in years. Vanessa was the only one who brought home a paycheck, which immediately got eaten up by the household expenses.   No wonder she was so depressed and angry.

Intelligent and ambitious, Vanessa wanted to find a way to heal, and she followed my suggestions and began to change her eating and thinking habits. I saw her once a month, and she lost ten pounds in the first couple of months.   She was learning to take extreme care of herself. Now, she was ready to discover what held her back from standing up for herself.

In her third session, we did her Past Life Regression; she experienced two different lives. In the first one, she saw herself as a poor village woman whose husband had died, but instead of going on with her life after he died, she became bitter and never moved on. She wrote: “At the end of this lifetime, the lesson I needed to learn was, ‘How to love.’ I lacked love. I think I was born into the life I have now to learn how to love myself and stand up for myself. And to live for a bigger love, not just romantic love.” Great soul lesson to learn!

However, it was the next lifetime that shifted her perception and changed her story – how she viewed her past. It also allowed her to find compassion and forgiveness for her father.

In the regression, I said, “Look at your feet.”

Vanesa said, “It’s the early 1900s. I’m a player; I’m part of the mob. I’m a real womanizer. Handsome. Narcissistic. Egocentric. My job is to transport my boss’s goods. I hate my boss – I’m ambitious, but I know I have bad intentions.”

When I took her back to the beginning of that life, she saw that her older sister, Rosanna, in this lifetime, was her mother in that lifetime. And that gangster loved his mother.

As the end of that lifetime came, she saw her “gangster self” spitting up blood into a white sink, dying all alone. I asked her “to float above,” and then I asked what she’d learned in that lifetime.

“I had it all wrong,” Vanessa said. “I didn’t value the right things. I was just like my own dad in that lifetime – I didn’t care about anyone. I just lived for myself.”

That experience of literally standing in her father’s shoes and being the same kind of selfish, mean-spirited person allowed Vanessa to forgive her brother and father spontaneously.

In doing that past life regression, she changed the entire story of her life. And it happened in a flash. She no longer feels like a victim of circumstances.   She was able to let go of the buried rage and, thus, her depression. She no longer blames her father. On a soul level, she knows that she needed the “learning opportunity” of her chaotic childhood to experience the consequences of the lifestyle choices she’d made in her past lifetime. Everything made perfect sense to her.

It allowed her to go forward in this lifetime and make the physical changes she needed to free herself and create the life she wanted to live. She is no longer the sad little burro! She is a warrior!

If you want to change the “story” of your life and become a star of your own production, please call me.

(323) 933-4377

My channeled book, “Excavating to the Core—A Seeker Soul’s Guide to the Authentic Self,” provides many instructions. It’s available online on my website.

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