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Yes, I am trained directly by Brian Weiss.

In 2004, I took Brian Weiss’s Past-Life Regression training for professionals.  At that time, I’d been using hypnosis as a healing technique for many years, beginning in the early 1970s, when I used “mind-body” medicine to heal my own body.  I began working as a professional hypnotherapist in 2001.

Brian’s training helped to hone my skills and sharpen my techniques.  He is a wonderful, kind and generous teacher.  In his professional training program he taught many techniques that continue to influence my day-to-practice.  I help clients retrieve and release toxic memories from childhood or past lives so they can enjoy the life they live now. They open to joyfulness which leads to health.

The newest scientific research proves that amassing wealth or getting famous doesn’t make people happy.  What makes people happy is having loving, healthy relationships.  Past-life therapy helps my clients let go of the trauma of their pasts, by seeing the pain of this lifetime as a “learning opportunity” for their immortal souls.  And in changing the perspective, they can forgive the people who might have hurt them.  And because of that, they can open to more trusting and loving relationships.

I continued to study with Brian directly and at Omega Institute in New York, where I took a more intensive training with John Holland, and Raymond Moody, MD.  I also use Michael Newton’s techniques of accessing the “soul training” in the In Between.