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Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Love Yourself Lean

Losing Weight with HypnosisAre you sick of dieting? You’ve lost that weight before, right? But then you gained it back, and maybe you gained even more on top of that, yes?

Have you tried everything and nothing works long term? Are you so frustrated, angry and fearful that you just want to scream? So was I! That’s why I know that diets don’t work. And that’s why I’m so devoted to helping my clients lose weight.

I’m now a healthy and happy. I’m 5’8” and I’m a size six, and best of all, I wake up in a body that I love.

But it wasn’t always this way.

When I was fifteen, someone tried to rape me, and because of that, my own subconscious mind made the faulty assumption that being a pretty girl was extremely dangerous. Suddenly I had no control over what I ate, and I ate everything in sight.  I was miserable! I was so unhappy I tried to kill myself three times.

For years and years, I tried every diet under the sun to lose the weight. Weight Watchers, the Scarsdale Diet, Over-eaters Anonymous. You name it, I tried it, but nothing worked for long.

It wasn’t until I was working at the Neuropsychiatric Institute that I began to understand the functioning of my brain, and I learned how to hypnotize myself into loving my own shattered self. I simply learned to “love myself lean,” and because of that, I lost all my weight and have kept it off for years.

And that’s what I can help you do!

I have a scientifically based “reprogramming system” that will help you reprogram your brain into helping you succeed, instead of sabotaging you.

I use Cognitive Behavior Modification, Jungian based visualizations, Mindfulness Therapy, and Past Life Regressions to help you.

First, I explain your brain to you so that you can understand its functioning and understand why it’s been so hard for you to succeed before now. Then I take what I’ve just said, (your hearing me with the left side of your brain) and I make a CD specifically for you to help you reprogram your “badly wired” brain. (It’s like a computer, yes?)

In the second session, I delve down deeper into your subconscious mind, (the right side) and teach you how to connect to the “saboteurs” within. I help you calm them down and get them to help you with your new goal of being happy and healthy.

Using regression therapy, (I was trained by Brian Weiss, MD), in the third session, I take you even deeper down into your subconscious mind, and find where your resistance to owning your power, your beauty and your health is hidden. You then see your life from a new perspective and can heal.

In the fourth and fifth sessions, I help you reprogram your brain to love yourself lean!

** Disclaimer – Individual Results May Vary.  Hypnotherapy treatments are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, and no medical claims are made regarding these treatments. People with serious conditions should consult their doctor.