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How Past Life Regression Heals

By February 8, 2011February 10th, 2011Hypnotherapy

How Past Life Regression Heals

I have so many amazing clients, and telling their past life stories makes most people think I’m making it all up – so usually I don’t bother. But today, I will be seeing one of my oldest clients, who came to me four years ago initially because of her daughter’s panic disorder. Susan owns a busy landscaping business, a business she stared after having been an over-worked stock broker with a child she could see was suffering because of lack of attention. So she quit, and started her landscaping/nursery business, now 20 years ago – then she had two more daughters! Her oldest daughter’s panic disorder was the result of trauma in this life, mixed with buried trauma in a past life, and Susan came to all of her 24- year-old daughter’s sessions, and so she watched how I worked, week after week. Once her daughter was fine, she looked at me and said, “It’s my turn, now!” Her own issues were the “issues” most of my working moms have – everyone’s needs come first. Most working moms forget to take care of themselves, so I just “hypnotized” Susan into caring for her own body, and she learned to become aware of what actually went into her brain, her mouth (“Only eat while you eat!”), and finally she learned to love and accept herself completely. No easy task for anyone, because we all have “modules” in our brain that make that difficult. But Susan lost so much weight, and began to look so young that people didn’t recognize her, and asked if she were her own daughter’s sister. She loved that! ;^)) One of the past life regressions with her that was illumining, because her life now is extremely “financially challenged” – in the past three years, it’s been an E-ticket ride. In one lifetime, however, when I said, “Where are you?” Susan said, “Oh, I’m so rich!!” And she was. She was the much pampered wife of a shipping magnet in England in 1802. She had 5 children, none of them she had much to do with, because they all had separate nannies – that was style of the English wealthy. I asked her to bend down and look at her youngest child, and she said, “It’s Ken!” That’s her husband in this lifetime, (“That explains everything!”) They’ve been together since they were in high school. When we got to her oldest son, she said, “It’s Sara!” And that’s her oldest daughter in this life. But in that lifetime her son loved her so much, but Susan was never available emotionally. And for Susan, that explained so much of the fierce mother/daughter connection and it allowed her to see it in a different context. Today, I’ll be seeing her for a “tune up,” and I will remind her of how truly “rich” she is right now. A devoted husband and three gorgeous (and exhausting!) girls – all of whom she has enjoyed raising!


  • I really liked what you had to say about your client. It sounds as though you do what I do and I would enjoy connecting with you. I am a psychologist and past life therapist, practicing in Doylestown, PA. It would appear that you use hypnosis as you uncover past lives, while I use Heart Assisted Therapy, an energy psychology approach. Regardless of whether you’re interested in contacting me, I want to applaud you for the work you do; bringing in past life issues can help our clients so much in resolving current life issues.

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks, Barbara! It’s amazing work, really. Elegant, efficient, powerful. By Heart Assisted Therapy, do you mean something like “Heart Awakening”? I know that work, and I use it. Yes. It really doesn’t matter what you call it, getting people down to the “love” coming from the source is what heals. I had a client on Saturday who accessed the “unconditional love” that a past life felt for her life, and once she felt that… she can now recreate the feeling for this life. A gift, yes? Thanks again for your comment!