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By November 21, 2013Hypnotherapy

Last Friday night, I saw “Apocalypitcal,” a wonderful live stage performance of produced by NPR’s Radiolab. Hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich took the audience on a romp back in time to 66 million years ago, when the dinosaurs fried to death because an asteroid crashed into Mexico! Big blow-up dinosaur puppets roamed the stage and delighted the kids in the audience. So much fun! Now, because I help people access their “true power,” Friday night’s performance brought one of my most wonderful clients to mind!

Three years ago, when Luella, a 61 year-old African-American woman, came to see me, she was depressed, seething with repressed anger and 35 pounds overweight. The mother of two adult children, Luella has worked at a well-known restaurant chain for over forty years. She started as a server and over many hard fought years, she moved up into middle management, overseeing local restaurants, where she stays. She trains young white men, who go on to become her superiors and move higher up the corporate ladder, and because of that, it drives her crazy! She was so angry at so many things that we had to work just getting control of her run-away anger. And she did! She began to take “extreme” care of her brain and her body by changing her thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. She listened to her CDs, and she changed her habits. She walks every day, she eats food the benefits her brain and body, and she meditates to control her emotions. And because of that, she lost 35 pounds and keeps it off!

A few months ago, Luella called again because things at work were driving her crazy, and she knew she needed help. She said that in corporate meetings the CEO, Jack, a typical 72 year-old white guy, would just by-pass whatever she had to say, and she couldn’t stand up for herself. She knew she wasn’t accessing all her of power, and she wanted to do a past-life regression to find out why or to just give her insight. Our DNA is descended from fuzzy rodent things that survived that “big asteroid blast,” but even I was surprised at what happened next!

When Luella “went back in time,” I said, “Look at your feet!”

“I have huge dinosaur feet! Wow! I own this land! I’m so powerful. This is fabulous!”

“Stay in that feeling of power for a while, okay? Just own your own power. Let it fill your cells.” I let her feel that power until I said, “Okay, now move to the next pivotal experience.”

“I see another dinosaur!” she said. “I think we’re going to fight it out!” She died in that fight, but when she came back to room awareness, she said, “I know I can stand up to Jack now.”

A few weeks later, she came back to see me, and I asked how it went.

She said, “It was amazing! I walked into Jack’s office, and I just stood there and stared him down. I think he was so stunned at seeing me calm and powerful, that he didn’t know quite what to say. He stumbled around until he said, ‘Luella? When are you going to retire?’ But I didn’t blink.

I said, ‘Not until long after you retire, Jack! You’re 50 pounds overweight, and I will outlive you.’ And then I turned and left his office. I never felt so happy in my life!”

Because Luella remembered her dinosaur self, she was able to stand up to a corporate bully like Jack. She demanded to be treated with respect, and because of that, in meetings now, Luella says what she thinks with authority.

We all have untapped power that can be accessed. Why don’t you pretend to be a dinosaur? It might just ignite some hidden dinosaur memories stored in your DNA. Who knows how this works, I don’t. I only know that matter can’t be destroyed. The atoms that make up your body have been around since the beginning of time – whenever that was. So open yourself to owning your power. If I can help you, give me a call, okay?