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Present, Past and Future Lives – Ways of Healing

By March 4, 2011Hypnotherapy

Present, Past and Future Lives – Ways of Healing

I saw Greta Garbo in “Ninotchka,” last night, Ernst Lubitsch’s 1939 send up of communism, and how it affects people who live under it.   And this got me thinking about two clients from this last week.

Just last week I saw two beautiful, talented women both in their late 30s, and both from communist or formerly communist countries.  Both were born into dire poverty, and to violent, alcoholic and horribly abusive fathers – these aren’t pretty stories.  Both women would be classified by traditionally trained psychologists as suffering from PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder (or syndrome), and both women have been put on scores of different Big-Pharma drugs over their lives, but with no good outcome.  And that’s why they came to see me.  I seem to be everyone’s last resort.

Since I use hypnosis and past life, and future life progressions to get clients to see a different “perspective,” both these women had break-through moments, and I thought I’d share them, but I must be careful not to divulge too many specific details that might identify them, so forgive me if these are not as concretely written as I would like.

The one client, born inside Soviet Russia in the 70s, and who is completely self-sabotaging in her choice of men and her own pursuit of her career goals, was born to a brutal father who drank all the time.  When I asked her to find a childhood memory, she saw her own two-year-old self being beaten by her father, because he was having trouble dressing her.  I led her further forward, and she saw herself at 14 being strangled by him – but she escaped from the house, went to live with friends, and eventually got out of the country.

When we did the past-life regression to find out “why” she had chosen to be with this person, she saw herself in the early 1700s in France, where she is once again a daughter in a very rich family, but she is essentially “sold” to a very rich merchant, whom she despises – and she recognized him as her father in this lifetime.  In that lifetime, however, she was powerless to fight his money and his power – and she chose to just die, rather than live with his abuse.

In this lifetime, she “came back” in the same powerless position, but in this present lifetime, no matter how much he beat her, humiliated her – she refused to submit to his will – ergo his added fury!

But once she saw her life from this new perspective, it changed the way she sees her life.  She now understands deeply, that she has actually “beaten him,” because she refused to die again.  And now she can acknowledge how brave and courageous she truly is – in this lifetime.  Because she sees this in a new way, she is now ready to forgive him and see him for what he really is – a teacher of sorts.  Because she overcame his brutality, and she refused to let his treatment of her determine who she became, she realized in a flash (given by her “guide” actually) — that she had actually won.  She’s no longer a victim.  And now she’s ready to own her power.

My other client, 35, from a Communist block country, has a similarly dreary childhood – unrelenting, grinding poverty in a formerly rich land – a land that produced art, music and culture – not to mention lots of scientists!  But by the time she was born, in 1975, everything had turned to rubble.  And her first memory is of herself, climbing all over the rubble that was once a home.  Her memories of her father, once again a violent, alcoholic man, are of the same sort – lashing out, rage against his wife and children.  (New research suggests that this kind of behavior is a “release” for men – sort of mental masturbation.  If male primates beat up something smaller than they are, they get a rush of stress releasing brain chemicals. And that makes them feel better.  Interesting, yes?)

Now because her childhood was so filled with fear, repressed rage, and a sense of hopelessness, she lives like a mouse.  Despite the fact that she is ravishingly beautiful, she dresses to be “unnoticed,” wears no make-up — she denies herself all luxury and sends all her money home to her mother.  Her past life regressions gave her many insights, but what really helped her most was her “future life progression.”  There, she saw herself born to prosperous Australian parents who adore her – an only child, where she grows up strong, beautiful, self confident.  And she becomes wildly successful using her own talents.

Then what I asked her to do was to begin to “practice” being her future self.  That means “pretending” now that she is “successful, beautiful and so loved!”  What can that do in her brain?  It will begin to undo the years of fear, and the more successful and beautiful she feels, the more successful and beautiful she will let herself become.  Brain research proves that “Like thoughts link together!”  So think good thoughts and focus on the good of your life, and you will attract more “goodies!”

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  • Mikel Meyers says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    I have enjoyed getting to know you through Dougall Fraser. I so wish I lived closer to you, however I live on the east coast in northern Virginia……not far from Was. D.C.
    I got so much from reading this blog! Thank you so much!
    My husband of 32 yr.s has the habit of “taking out his stress” on me. I never start arguments because I will just get “creamed” and it isn’t worth it to me. However when he starts in on me and I know it isn’t about me, I will fight back, tho I know I will still get “creamed”. Afterward, he always feels better and is qite obviously happier. I, on the other hand, take days to recover because it feels like I was just had my soul murdered and I need a few days to ressurect myself.
    I would so very much appreciate it if you would let me know how to find some of the research you mentioned in your blog about men recieving a rush of stress releasing brain chemicals. I need to be able to show this to him. I have ME/CFS and these “explosions” are happening more frequently now. In turn, my health is really suffering. I see a therapist (who has never mentioned the research you did!) but my husband refuses to see anyone. He has so many issues that are apart from my illness that he really needs to get help for before we can see a marriage therapist. So much of his stress is NOT about me!
    Thank you, Stephanie, if you are able to reply. However, I am aware that you are extremely busy! The things you wrote about “practicing” being one’s future, happy self have already helped me.
    Mikel Meyers (