Excavating to the Core – Book #1

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Why read this book?

Excavating to the Core – A Seeker Soul’s Guide to the Authentic Self is a step- by-step guide to uncovering invisible beliefs — the invisible beliefs that form your own experience of reality.

It is a channeled book – channeled by a disembodied intelligence that identifies itself as “Cobalt Blue.” Cobalt Blue’s “real life” (in your terms) channel is named Stephanie and on another plane of reality, Stephanie agreed to become a channel and do the work she presently does. It did, however, take her over thirty years to “hear” her true mission.

Discovering your own “true mission” is what we seek to encourage our readers to do — it is the only way to find true happiness. And ultimately finding true happiness is the purpose of your present existence.

Excavating to the Core uses Stephanie’s real life experience to illustrate our points. Instead of just telling you how to dig down and find your own “invisible beliefs,” we show you real life situations, and how “invisible beliefs” express themselves in day to day living. We offer concrete, doable exercises that will enable you to connect directly with your own “core self” and connect to the larger entity that “you now expressed in flesh” are only a part of.

You exist on many planes of reality, and it is our intention to help our readers connect. There are many other teachers, gurus, and mystics trying to convey much the same information right now, and that is no coincidence. The earth’s energy is in a state of dynamic flux and nothing is preordained. Future events cannot be foretold – there is only the present in your terms – but that is indeed where you will begin to focus your attention if you follow our simple exercises.

For instance, we ask that you spend time “listening” to yourself. We show you how to easily access your own inner knowledge. We offer you examples from the experience of our typist, (for that is what she is, just our typist) and you will be able to see that even though it is “simple,” it’s not always easy. Even for her. She does, however, have a specific talent and a hard learned skill. When she “listens,” she can actually hear directly from her own guides – us – the entities identified as “Cobalt Blue.”

Each and every one of our readers has access to the exact same “talent.” In our book, we offer you techniques that will help you develop your skill and then access your true core self. We think that by reading over this small volume and our other books, you will be able to live a life that you will be pleased with once you get back here – here to the “In Between” – where your life force originates. It is in the non-physical realms that you will find the source of your own wisdom.

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