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Moment by Moment – A Seeker Soul’s Path to Joyful Exuberance

By Cobalt Blue

If you are reading these words then “something” called to you.

What called to you was your own inner desire to create a life filled with Joyful Exuberance. Each and every one of you is hardwired with just that desire.

Ah, but how? For years, you’ve been trying to “follow your bliss,” “live in the moment,” “expect the best,” “love yourself.”

Affirmations fill your notebooks, mirrors and walls and still you’re not happy.


Simple. You haven’t yet discovered your own “mission statement.” You haven’t yet paid attention to what “IT,” your Core Self agreed to. You haven’t yet accessed your own inner wisdom, nor understood that you can’t be happy until you pay attention to what “IT” wants you to do. And then do it.

In our book Moment by Moment (we say “our,” for it is a team effort), we offer you simple, doable exercises that will lead you on a path of discovering what your Core Self agreed to accomplish. You’ll learn techniques that guide you to uncovering your own “mission statement,” and believe us, you all have one.

It is absolutely impossible to achieve a state of Joyful Exuberance without beginning to walk a path toward accomplishing your own agreed upon goals.

Instead of just offering you more philosophy, we use our typist’s life and experiences to illustrate the points we make. We want you to see the sheer magic of day to day existence, lived moment by moment.

We hope that by seeing how difficult it can be for her to “stay focused in the now,” and how challenging it is for her to walk the “path,” you’ll be able to stay the course when the going gets tough in your own lives.

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