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By April 26, 2012Hypnotherapy

It’s always fun to get asked how do I find a soul mate? As Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, might say, “Look no farther than your own backyard.”

I’m a hynotherapist and get clients who want to find their “soul mates” thinking that once they find them, all their problems will be solved. Nothing could be further from the truth! I know the feeling, however. You can feel that “he’s” out there, but you can’t figure it out why you can’t find him. Sometimes there’s a reason, and my book, “Love From Both Sides – A True Story of Soul Survival and Sacred Sexuality” tells a story of soul mates who ultimately find each other. And it also gives you tips about how to do it yourself.

Last week I had a great example of what happens when you don’t recognize a true soul mate. A lean, handsome 34 year-old Indian scientist came to do a regression – he said his brother was a psychiatrist, his sister a surgeon but he had always been drawn to the spiritual. But because he needed to please his father, he followed his father’s desires, and went into science.

I asked what he wanted to achieve, and he said that he “knew” he needed to find someone… or something. He just didn’t know what. So I led him back to past life, where he saw himself as a handsome dancer – it was the early 1800s, and he was a part of a Portuguese dance troupe. He realized that he’d been adopted by the troupe when he was orphaned at eight months old, and the woman who raised him he “recognized” as his favorite aunt in his present life. They were touring in Brazil, and there was another dancer, a young girl named Lily, who he could see loved him unconditionally. He was encouraged to marry her by his “mentor” (a man who is now his favorite uncle) and yet, he refused. He didn’t want to be tied down to just one woman. He saw Lily weeping, but still he didn’t want to marry her. Years went by, and he saw himself in a horrible flood – “So many people are dead!” He was now in his late 40s, and he saw Lily helping to save children and get them shelter. He saw her look at him with the same love, but he didn’t open his heart to her or go help her help the children – he felt ashamed. He said, “I only cared myself. I didn’t care about any one else!” Then he saw himself, impoverished, and he said, “Everyone hates me because I’ve been so selfish.” I led him to his death, and asked what that life was supposed to teach him, and he said, “That love is all that matters. Love is the driving energy of the universe. It’s in everything – even things we don’t think are alive! It’s everywhere – we just have to embrace it.” Then he wanted to find Lily as the newly dead spirit… and he did. She was now on a boat, heading toward India, where there was a war, and she was going to help!

When he came back to room-awareness, he said, “Ah… so that’s why I was born in India! I was looking for Lily!” And now that his heart is open, he will find her!

Good luck in embracing your own true soul mates – they’re probably sitting next to you!