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Access Your Soul’s Journey with Past Life Regression

If You Want Peace

Access Your Soul's Journey with Past Life Regression

Make This Lifetime Count!

Joseph Campbell’s “A Hero’s Journey,” became the playbook of Hollywood screenwriters after George Lucas and his Star Wars movies made it famous.  But you don’t have to be Luke Skywalker to go on a hero’s quest.  Every lifetime has a purpose, and every being has a secret agenda.

What does your soul need to learn in this lifetime?  Compassion?  Forgiveness?  Love?

If your soul needs to learn compassion, then you’ll experience a life where you were abused, or you’ll see yourself as the abuser.

If you need to learn about love, you might be in a life right now where true love just never came along.  Then you might find a past-life where you prioritized finding fame and fortune over love.  Your soul needed to teach itself what it means to live a life without love.

Or in this lifetime, if you’re always getting betrayed, you might find yourself as someone who betrayed, and so on.

If you read my blogs, you know that I write about my African-American clients.  I think I wrote a blog about my being a slave in the South, and if I haven’t, I should.  That was one of my proudest lives so far because I learned about loss, compassion, forgiveness, love and standing up for myself.

When I greet my black clients, I always say, “Well, you certainly wanted a challenge, didn’t you?  Being born black in American takes guts!”  When I do past life regressions for those clients, they see themselves as bored Boston bankers or alcoholic accountants living lives of quiet desperation.  White people’s problems, as my black clients would say.

When I was a young wanna-be actress in NYC, I drove a cab in Manhattan from 1974 to ‘81, and I drove with my Berkeley values in place.  Racism was so rampant back then that 30 times a night, when friendly New Yorkers would jump in my cab, they’d look at my 20 something white self and say, “You don’t pick up ni**ers, do you?”  Thinking that was the just normal conversation.  And my answer was, “Yes.  I do.”

And that was the great luck of my life!  Because I did pick up black people, and I got to see places that very few Americans saw firsthand – how black Americans lived.  I saw the South Bronx, looking more desolate than war-ravaged England after the war.  Burned-out buildings, surrounded by blocks of rubble.  I got to see gritty Bedford-Stuyvesant before it was gentrified.  I saw up-close and personal the desperate poverty of Brooklyn’s East New York before it was bought up by developers.

My soul must have decided that the girl from Toluca Lake, with the pool in the backyard and the Jaguar parked in front, needed to be smartened up!   Looking back on my life now, I see I learned more about real life from those seven years of driving a cab than from anything else.  For one thing, I learned how amazing African Americans genuinely are.

So many stories from those years rush into my head, and I only have a few minutes left to write.  This is the one that pops to mind.

One cold Sunday night, just after midnight, I followed slowly behind a fleet of white lights, or empty cabs, as they zoomed up 8th Avenue, all searching aggressively for the few fares left to grab that late.

But all the drivers passed up a tall black man standing patiently; his arm held high.  He wore a long fur coat, and as I pulled up, I looked into his eyes and decided that he wasn’t going to kill me (something I did with everyone!), he opened the back door and jumped inside.

“83rd and Central Park West, please,” he said.

“So, does that happen all the time?” I said.

“All the time.  I was standing here last night with Lena Horne, and they passed us both by.”

“What do you do about it?”

“I don’t let it get to me.  If I let it get to me, then they win.  They’re just ignorant and afraid.”

He had compassion and forgiveness, and that’s why he was so successful.

I wasn’t born black this lifetime, but I was born a woman.   And for women, the “Time’s Up” & “Me Too” movements made a lot of men re-evaluate their beliefs behaviors.  Powerful pussy-grabbing men are no longer tolerated – except for the one glaring exception.

Right now, my African American fellow citizens have hit a tipping point.  Enough is enough.  It took all of us to witness the unjust graphic death of one black man.  From my perspective, that was a “soul contract” writ large.  George Floyd is like Luke Skywalker in a way.   His life made a difference because his death sparked the literal flames that we can only hope will bring about justice and change.

It won’t happen without you.  Vote.  Get involved.  Don’t just sit staring at your Instagram feed.  Make this life count.

If you need help accessing your courage and soul purpose, cognitive behavior modification, awareness therapy, and past life regression can help.

If you need help accessing your courage and soul purpose, cognitive behavior modification, awareness therapy, and past life regression can help.  Please give me a call.  (323) 933-4377

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