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Addicted to Love?

Addicted to Love?

Don’t Blame Yourself – Blame Your DNA!

Last month I had three beautiful young women come to me broken-hearted, with shattered psychics, and souls in complete distress. Their lovers had decided to move on with their own lives, their own passions, but without them.

One tall, willowy 23-year-old blond beauty flew across the county and landed in Los Angeles, thinking that LA would be the answer. One 28-year-old went off to Burning Man, journeyed with ayahuasca, music, and men. While another just cried and cried, and fell deep into the pit of despair, that is serious depression. All of them felt that losing their love was the end of their lives. And their plaintiff cry was: Why?

Why do we all long for love? Simple but far too complicated to explain here. But in a nutshell, it’s because we’re human. The need to love is literally encoded into our DNA. To survive, humans need to be connected to other humans – for all kinds of reasons. And when that love is snatched away, it creates a “longing loop” in the brain. It’s classic OCD — Obsessive Compulsive Disorder — writ large.

All my darling girls’ brains’ could do, was to think about was their lost loves, what had happened, what could have, should have been a better outcome. And the more they let their brains go wild, the sadder and more depressed they got. Thoughts create chemicals in your brain, and those chemicals create emotions. Biochemistry.

My job was to get them out of the pit of despair. I don’t take my job lightly, because I once had a passionate, stubborn, and beautiful 29-year-old sister who fell into the same pit of despair or serious depression, but she never crawled out. She ended her life and shattered everyone else’s hearts.

What to do? Getting over a broken heart isn’t as easy as giving up alcohol or smoking, because you can’t change your own DNA. But you can use your mind to reprogram your brain and stop the “longing looping.”

Awareness Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Past Life Regression can help you get control of the Love OCD and get you back on track to loving your own self.

You can choose to be happy and move forward in your own life. Reclaim your energy and find your purpose, and that will make you happy. If you need help, please call me. (323) 933-4377

Sending you love,


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