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Afraid of Your Power?

Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, & Past Life Regression Therapy Help Change Perspective.

Welcome to 2022, yet another Covid Fab year and your in-box is filled with peppy, inspiring stuff, yes? Lose weight now!   Do this and do that and it will make you happy, right?

Forget all your “New Year’s Resolutions” because they won’t make you happy. Instead, they will actually depress you.

So you might wonder, “What the hell will make me happy?”

It is changing the sabotaging habits that don’t support your long-term goals.

How? Get help. Successful people always get help.

Hypnotherapy, Awareness Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Modification, and Past Life Regression can help you.

Awareness Therapy teaches you how to dive deep into your mind and discover your habits of “doing, thinking and being.” Then, you can decide which habits support your own long-term goals and which ones don’t.

Then, when you are ready to change, hypnotherapy re-enforces those new habits, neuropathways, in your brain wiring.

Ask yourself:  What are my long-term goals?

If you don’t know, then right now is an excellent time to figure that out. The point of power is in the present, and you are the only person who can do it.

If you hit a wall or feel resistance or block, that’s when Past-Life Regression can discover the buried reasons why you might be afraid to be successful, lean, beautiful, or even rich.

Read on to see what a client wrote about her own regression.

My client, Kathy, 28, a tall beauty with porcelain skin, dark shiny hair, and bottle-cap blue eyes, who looks like a 1920’s movie star, came to see me because she was depressed, anxious, and had a sense of hopelessness.

She’d done talking therapy for years, taken drugs her psychiatrist prescribed, but nothing helped.

Kathy recently married a man who, because of his own “issues,” cannot have sex. (He’s on an anti-depressant, psychotropic drugs, and they cause penis problems.)

Her critical new husband told her that trying her luck at writing or acting was a waste of time and that she needed to get a real job, so now Kathy works in advertising but hates it.

In her regression session, when she was in deep hypnosis, I asked the question:

“Why are you afraid of your power?” This is what she wrote:

“My Birth to this Life:

I recognize my mother and father immediately, and I am happy to see them. I know that I am more advanced than they are, but we agreed on this arrangement before coming. I have very specific work to do with each of them respectively. So we decided their placement in this life as my parents would be mutually beneficial to our work. I saw my grandmother as well; she was placed in this life to make sure I got on okay.

First Life: Early 1500’s, Ireland

As I write this, I remember that Rebecca was a nickname given to protect me; my real name is Rhiannon. I was born to a King and Queen, very loving and kind. My mother I recognized, but not as anyone in this life. My father looks like Daniel Day-Lewis. I have no brothers and sisters, and though I am an only child, I was never spoiled, just headstrong. I had a big room, and as I write, I remember I had a nurse, who is my older sister in this lifetime.

When I was thirteen, I realized I had a teacher’s powers, an alchemist, or a sorcerer. He taught me everything about the Old Magic. He told me that I had a special gift and would help many people. (He was my grandmother in this lifetime!) This is because it came very naturally to me, and I was so excited. But word of my powers ended up spreading.

When I was in my twenties, twenty-four, I think, our castle was stormed in the night by an army who came from Germany, but they weren’t German. They were Christians. They killed my parents, my nurse, and the alchemist because he refused to say where I was hidden.

They found me locked inside an observation tower. Four guards, two of which were leaders. The leaders were my stepmom and stepdad in this lifetime! They said I had something they wanted and that they came to take it. The guards held me down, and the two leaders raped me – they thought they’d “steal” my power by doing this. Then they cut me open and took parts of me.

The lesson of this life was harsh but very important: don’t flaunt your powers, don’t disrespect the infinite. I needed to learn this lesson.


When I get back “home,” I see my soul group. There are only three (fuzzy-lighted things), including my guide. They are happy I’m back and proud of the lesson I learned, but they are disappointed because they would have liked for that life to be more successful. They say it’s okay, that I’ll finish that work in my current life.

Second Life: 1700’s, America, Salem

I am an orphan in this life called Johanna. My mother was a prostitute (and she’s my mother in my current lifetime), and she had me at fourteen. I was given away instantly. I arrived in Salem at an orphanage under the care of a lovely older woman (my grandmother again). Though she is charming, the other children are not. They make fun of me for my crazy, curly red hair. They called me dirty. When I am 13, I have powers again, and I use them to scare a boy who is always mean to me – my ex-boyfriend in this life, Jason. I’m kicked out of the orphanage but taken in shortly by a man in the village, and it’s my father from my Irish life. He’s an apothecary and teaches me everything about medicine and healing. He sees my powers and accepts them. He passes away, and I am left alone to run the shop.

I meet a boy in the town, Michael, in this life, and we have known each other a long time before falling in love. During the first time we have sex, I orgasm, and he becomes overcome with fear because women aren’t supposed to do that. He struggles but ultimately turns me in for being a witch to remain faithful to his faith (he was an apprentice to the Christian priest).

My next memory is of me in my cell. My jailer is Brian, my husband in this lifetime, but he’s a young boy, maybe sixteen. There are other guards, but he’s the one who sits watch outside of my cell. I beg him to let me leave, and eventually, he does, but it’s too late.

I see my death. I am drowned in a lake, they tie rocks to my body, and I can feel myself floating down and resting on the muddy, grassy bottom. I leave my body before I die this time, and I can see my red hair in the water. Michael is crying profusely, and Brian is also. So many people came to watch.


My group is again happy to see me and proud of my progress but still upset that I chose a man over my agreement to the work. They remind me that the gift I have to give and the job I have to do is significant and not to be taken so cavalierly. That life’s lesson was not to base my self-worth on someone or something outside of me.

As I write this now, it feels as if my guide sits next to me and reminds me that as a result of the numerous times I have been killed, punished, tortured, oppressed, controlled, and lied to about my own power, that I need to carry it humbly.

Now, I feel connected to my purpose and power, and my guide says this because we merged heart energy in today’s session.

Thank you, Stephanie!”

Kathy lost a lot of weight, enjoyed her beauty, and owned her power. It was a delight to help her get happy! So, if you’re ready to own your power, let me help you!

Just give me a call.  (323) 933-4377

Sending you love,



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