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Are You Afraid To Fail?

Are You Afraid To Fail?

Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Modification & Past Life Regression Can Give You Courage

Are you afraid of failing? Join the club! Everyone’s scared of failing.

But as Stella Adler, my fierce, fabulous acting teacher, used to say: “You cannot succeed unless you learn to fail. Failure teaches what you need to learn!” So you fall, you get up. It’s how you learned to walk.

Failure only happens when you give up too soon. But overcoming those subconscious, negative messages that keep you stuck takes skill, information, courage, and follow-through.

That inner chatter that says:  Oh, why bother?

I should know. I wish I’d had someone like me when I was a wanna-be-short story writer in my ‘20s. Back then, I’d send my short stories to “The New Yorker,” and Roger Angel, the fiction editor, would write me a little note. “Good story. Not right for us now, but keep sending, Roger.” I got 15 of them, and then I gave up. I left New York and the “starving artist life” behind.

It wasn’t until years later, when I worked at Disney and was on a panel with a New Yorker short story writer, that I told him my story.

He turned and said, “Wow! Did you get personal notes from Roger Angel? Really? That means he was serious about you. But he needed at least 40 short stories from an unpublished writer before publishing your story.”  There are many alternate paths that life takes, and that might have been one of mine. Unfortunately, I’ll never know because I gave up too soon.

So how can I help you overcome what’s stopping you?

Hypnotherapy, cognitive behavior modification, and past-life regression can help you break through the barriers that stop you cold.

First, identify the negative, hidden beliefs and assumptions that trap you into a cycle of self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. Then, you learn to recognize what triggers your own nervous system.

Second, I teach you doable, scientifically proven skills to physically change the structure of your brain – and change your self-defeating habits, like vaping, porn watching, Instagram, etc. Those negative addictions that eat up your time and waste your life.

Third, in the Past Life Regressions, you experience an incarnation, a past-life, where you succeeded and used your power for good. And that incarnation can give you the confidence and courage you need in this lifetime.

When I think of my own journey, I remember how I learned to ride a bike. All the big kids had bikes when I was five, but no one would teach me how to ride one. Finally, a kid left a bike in the middle of the street, and I ran and picked it up. I threw my leg over and stood up on the pedals. The seat hit me in my mid-back — that’s how little I was. I pedaled once, and I fell. I pedaled again and fell again, but I kept doing it until, finally, I could ride. When I look back on my life, it’s why I’ve persevered. I fall off, and I get back on and ride. So if you need help getting back up, please call me. (323) 933-4377

Oh, the picture of me in the hat? I broke my arm, falling out of a tree.

Sending you love,



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