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Feeling Like a Victim, Depressed or Angry?

Past-Life Regression Can Change Your Perspective - Stephanie Riseley Hypnotherapy

Feeling Like a Victim, Depressed or Angry?

Past-Life Regression Can Change Your Perspective.

Are you feeling trapped, angry, like a victim, or maybe stuck?

Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Modification, Awareness Therapy, and Past Life Regression can change your brain and free you from your past trauma.

When pretty, petite 32-year-old Laura called me, she was in crisis and at wit’s end. Depressed, helpless, and hopeless, she had no clue what might help her.

She told me how Bob, her violent, physically abusive boyfriend and father of her two-year-old son, Mikey, had shaken the baby because he cried.

She was terrified that Bob might do something worse to Mikey, so she escaped. She gathered his toys, threw them into her old Toyota, and fled. She drove cross-country from upstate New York to her parent’s house in Torrance in sheer panic, afraid he might follow and hurt her.

Unfortunately, her parents weren’t happy to have her back home. Laura was desperate and said she would do anything to change.

In her first session, I explained to her her brain and showed her what was causing the trigger reactions.  Then I taught her techniques to help her stop the OCD fear-based thoughts.  She learned how to re-program her thinking and to take care of her brain and her body.

In her second session, she learned how to heal the wounds of her troubled childhood and harrowing, violent teenage years.

Then in her third session, in the Past Life Regression, she saw everything from a completely different perspective.

It was as if a giant searchlight got switched on to a high beam — it showed her why the horrible events of her life were mere “learning opportunities” on her soul’s journey.

First, she saw herself as a powerful Japanese Samurai warrior who served a power-hungry warlord. Then, she saw how, as her Samurai self, she did the bidding of her greedy warlord, even though she knew it was wrong to kill for money and land. The Samurai has a strict moral code of behavior, but she ignores it.

Because she had no moral compass, she became extremely rich in that life.

When she was in the regression, in battle, I asked her to look at whom she had just killed.

“Oh, my God! It’s Bob!” she said.

“Fine. Now go find his widow, who is left to fend for herself.”

“It’s my sister in this life,” she said. “Wow! That explains a lot!”

“Now, see if she has any children left without a father,” I asked.

“It’s my Mikey!” she said.

“Okay,” I said, “let’s do some damage control. I want you to ask forgiveness from Bob’s soul now. Just ask him for forgiveness.”

And she did. Then she went to the In-Between, where her Soul Group greeted her, and it wasn’t a good welcoming. They were disappointed in her. They hung their heads and turned away.

I knew she needed to go to “The Tribunal” and see the Elders. I don’t often have to take people to the Tribunal, but it’s always interesting.

At the Tribunal, Linda saw entities on a dais with big, round medallions, and I asked her to describe the clearest medallion and ask for help. (If you’ve read “Journey of Souls,” by Michael Newton, he explains all of this.)

This is how Linda described it:

“The Elder answered that I must learn to be strong without killing anyone. Also, remember that I was once a man and must think back to my life to understand Bob’s thinking in this lifetime. And the number of people I killed in that lifetime is the number of people I must help in this lifetime. The Elder refused to tell me anything else.”

By the time we did the regression, Bob had caught up with Linda legally. He’d subpoenaed her and accused her of kidnapping her son. So she was forced to return to New York or face serious legal consequences.

But because of her changed perspective and all the work she’d done, Linda was able to return to New York, no longer angry, depressed, or feeling like a victim. She felt like the warrior she was.

She wasn’t even angry at Bob anymore.

When she returned to New York, she found a job and apartment immediately because of her change of heart. She viewed every challenge as an opportunity to test her warrior-self nature, even though she is a pretty, petite woman in this life.

Linda succeeded in creating a better life because she changed her perspective and learned to be powerful.

If you need help with changing your mind, your brain, and your habits, just give me a call. (323) 933-4377

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