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Are You Stuck?

By May 18, 2023June 7th, 2023Hypnotherapy
Are you stuck? Do you feel that you have a bigger purpose?

Are You Stuck?

Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Modification, and Past Life Regression Heals Panic

Do you feel that you have a bigger purpose? But, of course, you can’t figure out what stops you or where your fear is coming from.

Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Modification, and Past Life Regressions can help you find answers.

Here’s a powerful transformational story of a young musician who followed his dreams and succeeded. Success didn’t bring him joy, however. Instead, it brought him acute performance anxiety, panic attacks, and too many temptations. Too much casual sex, not to mention all the recreational drugs so easily obtained on the road, created a perfect storm in his brain. His nervous system tanked, IBS followed fast, and that almost brought his career to a close. He couldn’t perform.

When sandy-haired Adrian, 32, called, he told me about the crippling panic attacks that stopped him from enjoying the fantastic career he’d carved out for himself.  Besides that, his digestive system was ultimately out of whack, and his sexual drive had plummeted.

Tall, 6’5′, handsome, and wildly talented, he’d walked away from the world of classical music because he didn’t “fit in.” He was literally too big for the chairs.  So he created his own brand of new music and found worldwide success.  He performed in front of thousands of cheering fans and had the gaggle of groupie girls that came along with all that.

Now casual sex bored him, and he was concerned that he’d ruined his sexuality because he had recently fallen deeply in love with a wonderful woman, but he couldn’t access his sexual passion for her.  His sexuality had frozen shut. So these were significant problems for any young man, let alone an artist.

After I explained to him how fussy sexual wiring can be, especially for men, and then asked him the targeted questions I needed to ask in the first two sessions, we proceeded to the regression work, which I can only do on the third session and beyond that.

The first lifetime he “saw” was that of a poor girl in the late 1800s in London.  Because of the squalid poverty, she grew up in, she was forced into a life of prostitution.

Adrian did such a lovely job of writing up his regression, so I’ve left it as he wrote it:

“For a while, everything was black – I didn’t see anything. Finally, I got a little frustrated.  I felt it was tough to relax and let go.

I sensed moments from childhood – not visually, but I felt the emotion. Then I experienced my birth in this life. I didn’t want to leave my mother’s belly.  They had to pull me out, but when I saw my mother’s face, eyes, and soul, I felt very safe.

My father was also in the room, he looked a bit anxious, but I felt his love.

Then I returned to an earlier life in the early 1920s as Clara.  I lived in London, and I was a prostitute, and I was addicted to heroin.  (I could see a street sign saying Gatwick RD/ST)

Like Clara, I grew up with a mother who didn’t like her.  My father was a shoe-make, whom I recognized to be my grandfather in my current life. He was never home.  He worked all the time and didn’t pay much attention to Clara.

I felt unloved, unwanted, and trapped.   Then around the age of 15, I met a guy and fell in love with him. He was a bit older and was extremely handsome, fun, and charming.

He was doing drugs (Heroin), so I also started doing drugs.  I got hooked, addicted — I felt numb. It was a warm, wonderful feeling but also an intense fear.  I was paralyzed.

Next experience as Clara, I was having sex with a customer.  Again, a disgusting, drunk, and violent man, but strangely, I enjoyed it.   Or at least I couldn’t feel anything.  I was comfortable and numb.  Heroin in your blood is the best feeling ever!  No wonder it’s so addicting!

Subsequent experience, I was in bed with another customer. I was petrified and felt that I couldn’t breathe.  He stabbed me in my heart.  I felt pain in my chest, but not even close to the pain I imagined if I were stabbed in my heart.  Maybe I was too high to feel anything.

I went to the “In-Between” and saw my soul group around me.  I felt very safe – one of the souls who talked to me was my beloved aunt ‘Hanne’ from my present life.  Even though I was quiet when she died, I remember her vividly – she meant so much to me.  So it was beautiful to see her again in the “In-between.

The life lesson I had to learn from my life as Clara was to be aware of ‘temptations’ and understand the consequences that can follow.  But unfortunately, Clara took a wrong turn when she was 15, which was the beginning of the end.

Then Stephanie took me to another lifetime.

I was a monk living in northern India by the mountains – my name was ‘Tuka.’ I saw myself as a child living in a little village.  I recognized my mother as my Aunt Hanne. Looking at her made me very happy and safe. My connection to her is powerful.

Subsequent experience, Tuka is in his 20’s.  He’s a very frustrated, somewhat fussy Tibetan monk.  He’s sitting in front of his master—the current Dalai Lama. Everything was peaceful, and visiting this life was a very calming experience. Suddenly my present ‘me’ was there with Tuka and his master.

They wanted to heal my stomach.  So they asked me to lie down in front of them.  It was the most fantastic feeling.  It felt like they were flushing warm water through all my veins and bones, filling me with the greatest joy.  It was divine, and I started crying. Amazingly, I can’t recall when I’ve felt this much joy before!

Tuka asked me if it would be okay if he could be part of my present life because my current life is Tuka’s dream life.  He wants to perform!  So now, when I perform, Tuka will be with me onstage. That will cure my performance anxiety!  And for Tuka?  It’s his dream come true.  Time is simultaneous, so say the physicists.

This life, my life, is such a great one. I have a great family, great friends, and a unique talent – I am a healer – and in this life, I’ll heal others and myself with my music. I just need to be calm, patient, and satisfied with myself – regardless of anything – as long as I know my temptations.

I know that my temptations are responsible for my sensitive digestive system and also my disrupted sexuality. I need to be aware of that and act accordingly.

Every day I think about my Tibetan monk, and my energy has changed tremendously lately. I feel good!”

Powerful, yes? That experience helped Adrian heal his anxiety, his sexuality, and his digestive issues and opened his heart to love.

I work with many creative people who want to use their talent to make other people happy, yet sometimes, circumstances prevent them from having the career they want.   Actors, writers, dancers, musicians, and from my point of view, their “soul mission” is to express themselves in their chosen field.  Is it easy?  Not at all.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.  But it’s worth the fight.  Scientific research proves that Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Awareness Therapy, NLP, and hypnotherapy are the most effective techniques to help people heal from anxiety, PTSD, and drug addictions.

Helping people find the purpose, passion, and joy in their lives makes me happy and is my own purpose.

If you need help, please give me a call. (323) 933-4377

Sending you love,


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