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Do You Want to Stray?

By October 1, 2020October 7th, 2020Hypnotherapy
Love and Past Life Regression

Do You Want to Stray?

How Past-Life Regression helped a young couple weather the storm of love.

Are you in love with someone you know isn’t right for you?   Are you happily married, but suddenly you want to cheat?

Have no fear!  You are normal.  You come from a species that is not monogamous.  At all.

According to multiple sources, my favorites being: “Sex at Dawn – The Prehistoric Origins of Sexuality” and “The Red Queen – Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature,” we homo-sapiens are biologically destined to be unfaithful.  Both these books confirm what everyone knows – sex is fun, addictive, and can get you into trouble and even ruin your life.

Falling in love can create Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and drive you nuts!   Especially when it’s “forbidden,” like between a boss and an employee.

Here’s a story of a young couple who came to me to save their relationship.  Doing Past Life Regressions helped deepen their love and appreciation for each other.

My old client Ryan, now 35, whom I hadn’t seen since he was 25, called me out of the blue because he was falling in love with a 24-year-old employee – Maggie.  A nightmare for a good boss.

A tall, handsome guy with a mop of wild brown hair, I’d remembered him clearly.  Extremely dyslexic, he’d been homeschooled by an adoring father who realized that his son was different, but not “special needs” material.

Luckily, his father owned a large construction company, so Ryan was allowed tag along with his father on all the worksites, and Ryan was encouraged to learn the way he wanted to learn – visually – but not with words.  Ryan saw how a good boss behaved, he heard how his father handled disputes, and he took mental notes.  A brilliant artist, Ryan, got into a topnotch art school and started a business with a fellow student and lover – Brenda.  They’d been each other’s first (and only) loves at 19.

After years of struggling in an intensely competitive field, their small company exploded into a worldwide success.  Forced to expand, they hired other young artists and coders – one of them was Maggie, 24, smart, funny, and eagerly empathetic.

Whenever Ryan would walk by her desk, she’d stop him and ask him deeply personal questions, and he found himself opening up to her.  He loved the attention and feeling so understood and appreciated.   He knew he was falling in love – dangerous waters.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Brenda, now also 35, who shared the company’s workload, the financial anxiety, and day-to-day drama, felt too exhausted to do anything but collapse into bed at the end of a day.  Now she felt totally abandoned because they’d let their relationship get cold.  None of this was a good thing – because Ryan loved Brenda.

Ryan reached out to me because he wanted to know what was going on. I told him I’d need to see Brenda as well because I needed both sides of the story.

In Ryan’s first past-life regression – I said, “Look at your feet.”

“I’m rich.  I own a huge shipping company.  It’s London, maybe the 1890s.  Everything for me is about business.”

“Find your business partner,” I said.

“It’s Brenda!  We are such a team.  We work so well together, just like now.  We trust each other.  We build the hulls for the huge ships that sail back and forth across the Atlantic. It’s a tough, competitive business, but we do very well.”

“Find your wife.”

Ryan was silent.  “Wow.  It’s Maggie.  But I don’t have much to do with her.  She’s well taken care of because of the money I make, but I see that my true love is my business and my partner.  I have children, but I don’t really care about them.”

That regression allowed Ryan to see what the past-life connection to Maggie was; it allowed him to calm down the disturbing obsession.  It was Maggie who probably recognized him and still longed to connect, which was the energetic pull.  Once again, however, it wasn’t going to happen, because Brenda is Ryan’s true love in this lifetime.

We all go around with the same 200 souls, and you don’t need to sleep with all of them, right?  Even when the connection feels “predestined,” or cosmic.  Take a deep breath before jumping into bed and ruining your marriage.  The urge will pass.

When Ryan’s partner, beautiful Brenda, came to see me, I already knew lots about her background.  Healing the trauma of her childhood took some work, but when we got to the third session and the regression, I said, “Look at your feet!”

“I’m a man, John.  Johannes?   Buckle shoes.  I’m Dutch.  Maybe 1770s?  I’m 19.  I just got a job on a ship.

“Find your captain,” I said.

“It’s Ryan!  He’s stern but fair.  Very respected.  I really like him.

“Find the First Officer,” I said.

“It’s Maggie!  But she’s a man.   She’s tough but jealous of anyone getting close to Ryan and taking her spot.  She doesn’t trust me.”

“Next important event.”

“I’m 32 now in New York City.  I establish a very successful dry goods store in New York City, with my wife’s help.  My wife in that life is my oldest sister in this life.  I’m still working with my former captain, Ryan, and we remain friends throughout our lives.”

As John died in that lifetime, he died proud, because John had lived a good life filled with family, many now Brenda’s birth family.  The takeaway from John’s life is that Brenda has just to let herself learn to go with the flow and not try to control everything.

Brenda and Ryan shared their past-life regressions with each other and saw that Maggie is really a part of their Soul Group and that she is a valuable addition to their amazing team of artists.  It allowed Brenda to let go of Maggie’s jealousy and it helped Ryan create more balance in this life.  Now when he wants comfort, he reaches out to Brenda.  They support and love one another.   We may not be monogamous, but studies prove that people who can stay mated and in love are the happiest and healthiest.  So stay true to the love you have – it helps your cells!

If you need help getting you a handle on a relationship gone haywire, give me a call.  (323) 933-4377

Hypnotherapy, Awareness Therapy, and Past-Life Regression can help!

Sending you love,


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