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Happy Springtime

Happy Springtime!

Hit Refresh!  Spring Into Action!

“Easter” is from the Teutonic Goddess of fertility and spring – Eostre.

As the former “Head Goddess” of my own Goddess Group, opening to the energy of the old time religions – the pagan religions and rituals of our collective pasts – seems much more inclusive than the “desert religions,” that dominate our planet now, and make it a game of my god vs. yours.  Game of Thrones in real life!

Because of the work I do now, Past Life Regressions, Hypnotherapy, and Awareness Therapy, I go “back in time,” with my clients, and I see things differently.  As they die in that past life, I always ask:  “What soul lesion did you learn?”

Most often it’s:  “I needed to learn to love more!” “I needed to forgive.” “I needed to accept!”

We’re all here on planet earth to learn to love more.

So if in this time of renewal, we can go “back in time,” and honor the god of the sky, like the ancient Egyptians, then we all can work for clean air.  If we honor the gods of the forest, like the ancient Japanese, then we can protect our green lands.  If we honor the mountains, the birds, and the other animals, then we can honor and protect the only home we have – our planet.

I have clients from all parts of this amazing planet, and all my clients want to find their purpose and passion.  Want a purpose?  So take action!    Die Proud and Used Up!

If you need help in finding your purpose, call me.  Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy can help.

I am sending you an abundance of love!


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