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How Hypnotherapy Changed a Life!

By November 16, 2017Hypnotherapy
Rima the Jungle Girl

From Waitress to Warrior Goddess...

Are you stuck in the trauma of your past?

Do you feel as if some invisible force pulls you down into depression?

Have you tried years of talking therapy or drugs?

Do you want to change and unleash the power of feeling filled with passion and purpose?

Rima Danielle JomaaIf so, please take the time to read below.  This is a beautiful young woman, a former client of mine, who did the work and totally changed her life!  An amazing transformation!

When I met Rima, she was working at a bar on top of a building in Venice Beach.  She’d also just completed her Master’s degree in Family Therapy, but she still struggled with her own inner-resistance struggles.  That’s why she called me.

She now lives in the Costa Rica, found the love of her life, and created a thriving business.

She reached out to me again, because she wanted to interview me for her new podcast, and I was delighted to help her.

A link to the podcast is included here.  And who knows? I might find myself in Costa Rica, leading a Warrior Goddess Week Workshop.

Rima the Jungle Girl Podcast

Here’s what Rima wrote:

Rima the Jungle GirlBeing of Lebanese, Muslim descent and as a woman, I came with some heavy emotional baggage. Shame and guilt are standard parts of the culture, and I was no exception to inheriting a lot of both growing up.

As someone interested in psychology, I found myself studying to be a marriage and family therapist and engaging in numerous types of personal therapeutic work throughout my studies.

Hypnotherapy always intrigued me and even more, past life regression work, once I started reading about Brian Weiss. Some Googling lead me to Stephanie. She agreed to work with me and told me her terms. I agreed!

Five years ago, when I was doing this work with her, I had no idea how profound of an impact this work would have on me. I had done group therapy and other types of work but the five sessions I did with Stephanie continue to influence me today.

In the regressions, we traveled to many past lives and places throughout our work, and I began to understand why I “chose” this life – this name, this heritage, this family – all of it. By uncovering people in my life from my past lives, it helped me to understand their purpose in my life now.

For instance, I never wanted to have kids in this life.  And in one regression, I saw a past life that told me exactly why:

In this past life, I saw myself in a village in Ancient Greece, maybe 2000 years ago.  I was a young woman, with olive skin, dirty, hungry and cold and I had a very young baby.

I was all alone, forced to live on the outskirts of the village.  I could see all the people inside the village, all gathered around fires and with plenty of food.

I could see that I had been shunned by my people because I had been raped by someone that I knew.  (And that and know now in this life now, BTW.)

I’d gotten pregnant from the rape and because the baby was a girl (and not a boy), they threw me out of the family. The rape was shameful enough, (they blamed the victim, of course!) but to have a girl was even worse to them.

I was devastated and completely alone. That life was a hard one. I was seen as a baby-maker by those that were supposed to love and protect me and the wounds cut very deep.

Neither the baby nor I survived for very long.

Rima Danielle Jomaa MFT RYTThat life, in particular, was painful for me to see, but it helped me to understand why I continue to carry shame and guilt about being a woman, about being treated like a baby-maker.  It also helped me to understand the hidden beliefs that were buried deep inside of me.  That being female “isn’t good enough,” and I was only good for “having children.”  Those beliefs are from my Middle Eastern culture.

Uncovering those “hidden beliefs” gave me freedom!  It released me from the guilt and shame.

As I was coming out of regression one session, Stephanie looked me in the eyes as I sobbed, and she said to me, “This is your best life yet! You’re here to change your tribe.”

And she was so right! I have always had a good life but since then things just continue to get better and better. I am truly living the life of my dreams and I am so grateful.

I’ve been able to clear away a lot of the fog that kept me behaving out of old habits and patterns and ways of thinking. I’ve been able to understand my purpose in the here and now and how I can use my past-life history to empower me and those in my family. I feel lighter, freer, more empowered, and I now have a deeper understanding of who I am, what my purpose is, how I can live my life more fully, and of how precious this life is.

I continue to cite the things I discovered, uncovered, in my sessions with Stephanie and I recommend this type of work to anyone who wants to explore their own true self on a deeper scale and to understand their life in the context of the bigger picture.


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