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Brian Weiss, Fathers and Forgiveness

Man See's the Light

Brian Weiss My Teacher

The Author of “Only Love is Real”

My darling teacher, Brian Weiss, author of Only Love is Real will be doing a day in Pasadena on Saturday, June 17th in Pasadena. or

Go see him, if you can, because he’s like a stand-up comic!Brian Weiss MD

It’s the week before Father’s Day, so that’s why I thought I’d send this out.

When I did his professional training, many years ago, I was a new widow.  As many of you know, after my husband Dan died, he “came back” to me from the “In Between” and chatted like crazy.  Like many of my clients who also experience this kind of “communication,” I thought I was going completely crazy.

But Dan assured me that I was just opening up to my “real work,” and that I had to do it now!  He encouraged me to take Brian’s class, because Brian, he said, was an “old friend.”  So I flew to Texas, did Brian Weiss’s Intensive Professional training, and I will be forever thankful.

Love From Both SidesSoon after that, I finished writing Love From Both Sides – A True Story of Soul Survival and Sacred Sexuality, and, strange as it seems, that book got itself published by Findhorn Press, which is owned by another past-life friend, Thierry Bogliolo.

Now my work helps people get happier by helping them let go of the pain of the past, and open to their own true “soul purpose.”  But there’s not only ONE soul purpose, there are many.  You might be here to learn to love, or be of service or like me?  I had to learn to be fearless, which is really so annoying, because my “soul” keeps putting me in ridiculously dangerous situations, with no way out but to be brave, whether I wanted to or not.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of regressions where I take clients back to see lives that really made a difference.  So instead of asking the usual questions like:  “Why are you afraid of your own power?” Or “Why are you afraid to love?” Or, “Why did you choose your father and mother?”  I ask a series of questions that allows a client to see a life that really rocked!  It’s a way to show a client an aspect of themselves that they’ve lost, usually because of being abused as a child.  Accessing the “Inner Hero” is a way to empower people to go and do what needs to be done, so that when death comes in this life, they can look back and be proud.

That’s what we all want – to be proud of the life we’ve lived, and to know that our lives, and our work made a difference.

I live in an alternate world, but sometimes it even stuns me.  I’ve got two new wonderful clients, both males, one 30, the other 44, and both have serious father issues.  One client has been on psychotropic drugs since he was four, and in classical talking therapy since grade school and the other client’s been in an alternate male-bonding therapy for three years – all in an attempt to heal the “father wound.”

light at the end of the tunnelWith the younger client, as I was doing the first session, I realized that I recognized him, and said, “Okay, I have to confess that I know your father, and I met you when you were 15.”  With the other client, as he was talking to me, I said, “Is your therapist’s name Stephen?

And he said, “My god, yes!  How did you know that?”

I had no idea how I knew that, but I did.  And I realized that both these clients had the “father wound” in common.  Both men were angry at their fathers and had spent most of their lives blaming their father for many things.  And both men had been encouraged to hold onto their rage, to “own their anger” and both adamantly refused to forgive.  The older man’s father was extremely physically and verbally abusive, and the younger man’s father was simply absent – focused on making money and succeeding in a very competitive business.

As it turned out, when I did their past life regressions, both men saw lives where they had either murdered their father or they had behaved in the exact same way in a specific past life, as each father behaved in this present lifetime.  Because both men saw that they had done similar things, they were both able to release the anger, forgive their father and move out of the adolescent phase of life – blaming everything on a parent.

Both men saw lives where they had been controlling, manipulative fathers.  Both were extremely rich, successful men who put everything else before taking care of the people who they loved.  For both men, experiencing those past lives where they had done exactly the same things that were done to them in this lifetime allowed them both to see their fathers as what they really were – soul teachers!  Here to teach them what they needed to learn on a soul level.

Sometimes we don’t want to learn the lessons that we need to learn, but until we learn them, we are stuck in that cycle of blame and anger.

So if you’re still blaming your mother, father or lover for some horrible wrong, ask yourself:  What do I really need to learn here?  How can this help me grow?  We’re all here to learn to love and forgive… so do it now!  Call me if you need help, okay?  Successful people always ask for help!  That’s why they’re successful!

Happy Father’s Day!


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