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By April 6, 2014Hypnotherapy

Amelia’s mother, Martha, called to ask if I could help her eighteen-year-old daughter, who was about to go off to college, deal with the crippling anxiety she felt. Martha had been a client a few years back when she wanted to heal her own “night terrors.” (Read my “Night Terror” blog, and you’ll find Martha’s amazing story!)

I told Martha that I’d have to talk to Amelia and see if she wanted to do this work, because it’s not just a simple snap of my fingers. It takes focus, concentration and an ability to follow directions. It also takes trust. A client must feel absolutely safe with me and feel that I am completely on their side, otherwise, the process doesn’t work. So that’s why when I talk to people over the phone and they say, “I only want to do a past life regression. I’m not interested in the other sessions.” I completely understand, but I can’t work with them, because honestly, I won’t develop enough energetic connection to be able to help them. This work isn’t easy, and it’s a slam-dunk. That’s why I need the commitment of at least five sessions.

When Amelia came in, I saw a tall, lean, leggy flaxen-haired beauty, with an impish laugh and sparkling blue eyes. My visceral response was, “Gee. Why is this girl nervous? She’s got it all!” But Amelia, who had recently been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus (which I also have), described an inner nervousness, and a feeling of never being safe and a deep shame and sadness. She also had a serious case of OCD – which is my specialty!

We did her first session, I taught her cognitive behavior therapy techniques that helped her understand her brain’s wiring, and get rid of her pesky OCD. She did the homework, listened to her CD, and came for her second session. I use a Jungian technique to access the deep sub-conscious mind and she learned how to meditate and create a “mindful” approach to her day to day life. Now she was ready for the regression work.

In her first regression, Amelia saw a life in Sweden, as a woman, in the 1700s. She was raped in that lifetime by a man whom she recognized to be her older half-sister in this lifetime. It certainly explained why she’d never liked her sister. But that lifetime didn’t explain the source of all her current-life anxiety. We quickly moved on to another lifetime. In that life, she was an Italian boy, born to a poor mother, in Rome, who worked in a bakery but had no husband. Amelia didn’t recognize her mother as anyone she knew in this lifetime, she just knew that her boy-self was uncared for and unloved, and that he had to fend for himself very early on.

Because of that, he found a “brotherhood,” of thugs. He became part of the Italian Mafia, and he thrived doing what needed to be done for his new family. Mostly as a tough enforcer and a killer. When I asked her to look at the others she worked with, she saw the leader of gang as her mother, Martha, in this lifetime. (We all come around with the same 200 or so souls and we interact with each other in different ways.) Amelia said that she died fat and ravished in gangster bling, at the hands of one of her own kind. I was about to take her to the In Between, when she said, “Stop! I see it! This is it! I see the life!

“Where are you?” I asked.
“I’m a little boy. My parents are monsters! They’ve locked me in a closet, and they torture me! My father’s a disgusting, mean alcoholic and my chain-smoking mother sexually abuses me!”
“Do you recognize them as anyone in this lifetime?”
“Not really. But they might be people I killed in that Italian life. They’re awful!”
“What happens next?”

“This is horrid! I seem to have lost my mind. I know I’ve lost my soul. I grow up twisted, and angry. I want to kill and torture just for the sake of it. I’m a serial killer. I have no conscience whatsoever. I think my brain broke. I can see myself as this smelly, creepy sixty-year-old man, in a dark dingy den. I’m wearing ‘70s glasses, brightly colored button down shirt. Oh, I’m creepy, all right. I die of a lethal injection, I know that. But it feels as if I just rot away.”

When she came back to room awareness, she “knew” that was the life that was making her feel afraid and ashamed all the time. I didn’t have time to take her to The Tribunal, which is where all killers must go, to “hear” what kind of amends must be made in this lifetime. In that lifetime, she had the brain of a psychopath. James Fallons’ book, “The Psychopath Inside,” is a great read about this subject. But psychopaths are not always killers. They are among us. They have very different brains.

For Amelia, I knew I needed her see her a few more times so that she could experience other lives, because the lives we saw only told part of her soul’s story. I wanted to show her a life where she rocked! Where she used her energy to do good in the world. I knew it would be there somewhere. But she was only eighteen, and now felt free of her anxiety, and it was summer. Need I say more? So she sort of blew off the next sessions. Luckily, because her mother was also my client, I called Martha, and said that Amelia needed to complete the work before she went off to college.
On Amelia’s next regression, she saw a life as Portuguese boy, born into poverty, but strong and fierce. It’s the 1600s, and he’s scrambling to find work on the big ships.

“What’s happening now?” I asked.
“I’m much older now. I’ve been at sea for years. I love it. It’s my life. But we’re caught in a great storm. Waves as tall as mountains wash up onto the decks. It’s freezing! Gale force winds will capsize us soon! The ship’s going down if I don’t shimmy up the rigging to secure the sails. I could get killed, and I know it. But I don’t care. The younger guys don’t know how to do this. It’s our only chance. I’ve got to do this!

“What happens next?”
“Wow! I did it! I managed to go from rigging to rigging and tie back these huge sails. I’m so strong!”
“Find your captain,” I said.
Amelia laughed. “It’s my mother! Why am I not surprised?”
Then I asked Amelia to go to the end of that lifetime, and she died at sea in yet another storm. A sailor’s death. And then we went to the “In Between” to see how her soul group greeted her.

“They’re applauding me!”
“Yes, good job done!” I said. “Now I want you to take a mental snap-shot of this and let it remind of how courageous you are, okay? Going off to college is no big deal after that lifetime, right?”

After that, I soul-linked her to her guide, and she went off to have an amazing first year of college. Now for me, what was so fun about that session, is that when I had worked with her mother, Martha, too, had experienced a life as a Portuguese ship’s captain, in the 1600s. That ship went down, as many ships did, and she, too, died at sea. So both mother and daughter “saw” the exact same lifetime. Both women died as heroes. And they’re together today to encourage each other – and to love each other. They are both here to make a difference in the world. They’re a great combo!
We all are here to help each other – sometimes the “help” comes in different ways, however. Sometimes those “ways” challenge us to grow, whether we want to or not! (I should know! If you think I wanted to be a widow, left with no retirement, no savings, just $180,000 in debt, and no way to make a living at 54? You’ve got to be kidding! ;^) But I was forced to be brave. But it’s why I can do this work. I know it can be done. If I can do it, so can you! It’s always a choice. It’s completely up to you.

You can learn to own your courage now. You can choose to be brave and learn to take chances and create your own happiness, or you can choose to take the safe and predictable path and live a life of “quiet desperation.” It’s up to you. Completely. You have control.

Everyone’s going to die, no one gets out of this one alive, right? And in looking back on a lifetime, ask yourself if you will be proud of this life you’ve lived? If the answer is “no,” then begin now to do the things that you’ll be proud of. One step at a time. The point of power is in the present, so begin now!

If I can help you plug into your soul-power and let you see, feel, and experience that this is the lifetime that matters. Please give me a call, okay?