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Own Your Power & Embrace Your Own Craziness!

By September 1, 2022January 18th, 2023Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Los Angeles Hypnotherapy
Stephanie Riseley - Los Angeles Hypnotherapy

Own Your Power & Embrace Your Own Craziness!

Past Life Regression Can Help You

Everybody’s crazy!  I’m crazy, and you’re crazy – we’re all crazy.  We have to be to adjust to this complicated environment we all live in.

Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Modification, Awareness Therapy, and Past-Life Regression can help you embrace your own peculiar, individual and unique self.

How?  By teaching you how to experience the multi-dimensionality of your own soul – your authentic self.   Embracing your abilities, your likes and dislikes, your inclinations and disinclinations – and realizing that they were given to you for a reason.  Your soul chose them for you in this lifetime.

Why will that help you?

You learn how to stop judging yourself negatively.  Hypnotherapy can help you rejoice in your accomplishments rather than being trapped in your “negative thinking” self — that inner monologue that keeps yelling that “you’re not good enough.”  The inner-teenage part of you who keeps comparing yourself to the “Instagram Girls,” with their perfect butts, boobs, and faces.

But most of all, by teaching how to stop “Jonesing for Love,” that is, trying to please people, especially in love and sexual relationships.

Trying to please people is like squeezing yourself into a size six shoe when you’re a size eight.  It’s painful!  And it’s a waste of energy and time.

Last week, I saw two beautiful, successful, amazing clients, one 32 and one 36.  Both of them feel that their life is over because they haven’t found “the man of their dreams” yet.

I get that.  I didn’t get married until I was 42 because I was an idiot and made every mistake a girl could make.  That girl in the picture?  That’s me at 32, the Off-Broadway actress who drove a taxi for seven years.

I lived with a wanna-be writer/actor, a tall, handsome, entitled, selfish Scarsdale Prince.  (I wish I could give my past self a copy of “When He’s Married to Mom,” by Kenneth Adams).

I met him when I was 21 and lived with him until I was 34.  What years are those?  Baby-making years.  I did all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, and laundry and paid half the rent.  So, as I tell my clients, please:  never live with a man unless there’s a ring on your finger.

Not everyone follows my advice.

My beautiful 36-year-old client let a tall, handsome 42-year-old “entrepreneur” move in with her.  He hasn’t paid rent in six months, hasn’t offered to pay for food or utilities, and he doesn’t dust or do dishes.  So she does everything because someone has to, right?

Is she crazy?

No, she’s just a girl who wants love and has “low harm avoidance.”  She’s from good parents and wants to believe that he will give her a future.  A home.  A baby.  Love.

He’s charismatic, intelligent, and knows how to manipulate.   So he tells her he loves her, he “future paces her,” that is, he tells her that “he’s got a million in stocks but “now’s not a good time to sell,” and he’s got “hot TV projects,” despite that fact that he has zero experience in TV land.

In other words, he snows her, but she believes him because she loves him.  Besides that, he’s hot, and they have great sex that showers her with serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine.  Sex cements females to males.  It’s our pesky DNA.  Sorry, nothing to do about it but be aware and don’t get hooked so easily.

Once again, I’m good at my job because I’ve made every mistake a girl can make.  That’s why I wind up yelling at my clients to stop making the same stupid mistakes that I made.  Sometimes they hear me; sometimes, they don’t.

For her?  There’s no good way out of this.  She’s living with a teenager who’s still attached negatively to his overbearing mommy.  (I suggested:  “When He’s Married to Mom”).

When she asks him to dust, he moans: “Stop nagging!  You’re just like my mother.”

When she asks him for money, he says, “You’d have to pay this rent without me.  You’re so selfish.  Why are you so cheap?” So he blames her, and she feels guilty, represses the emotion, and turns the anger in on herself.

“I’ve gained 10 pounds!  I’ve never been this heavy!” she said.

“You’re eating your rage,” I said.  “You’re afraid to stand up for yourself.”

What can she do?  She has to honor her own needs and ask for what she needs, even if she gets told she’s selfish.

But girls?  Don’t despair!

Last night I saw another sexy, successful 36-year-old client whom I’ve worked with for about nine months.  She’s done all the work; (she actually came into her second session singing the first MP3).  She listened to the books, and when I made the “Attracting Perfect Relationships” MP3, she manifested a great guy – a man!  Love happens!

If you need help with changing your mind, your brain, and your habits, just give me a call. (323) 933-4377

Sending you love,


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