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Past Life Regression Heals Night Terror Dreams

By March 27, 2012November 19th, 2015Hypnotherapy

Dreams Healed with Past Life Regression

Past life regression therapy begins.

When Martha, an elegant forty-year-old mother of two from Encino, called she told me that she had “potty mouth” dreams. They embarrassed her because she “swears like a sailor” in her sleep, and she wakes up her children. She’d tried talking therapy, drugs, but nothing had helped her. Another client, a beautiful twenty-four-year old, said she’d had “night terror” dreams all her life; she woke up just screaming in terror, not knowing what she why she was so afraid. After years of trying to get to the source of her problem, her psychiatrist suggested she try a past life regression. Both women did the preliminary work before we did their regressions.

In the first regression, Martha saw her own birth, and was surprised at how much she didn’t like her own mother – all she wanted was to be held by her father. The first regression led her to a life in Sweden, where she refused to forgive her “wife,” and died alone. She then “connected” with her “spirit guide” in the In Between, and asked if he could show her the source of the swearing, and he said “Next time.”

When “next time” came, she “went back in time” to the ‘50s in the San Fernando Valley. “I recognize the terrain,” she said. “It’s the Valley all right. But the houses are just being built. I’m an eight-year-old boy, and it feels as if I’m in the Land of Lost Boys. All we do is run wild, and play all day. It’s so fun! (Very weird for me, because I actually grew up in the ‘50s… in the Valley of the “play all day outside” kids.)

I said, “Go find your parents.”

But she said, “No! I want to go to Bobby’s house.”

I said, “Who’s Bobby?”

“Bobby’s my best friend.” And then she was silent. “Oh, my God! Bobby is my dad! No one calls him Bobby now. He’s Robert.”

So she went to his parents, (her own grandparents in this life!), and she grew up with Bobby, and even double dated with the “girl” who would become her own mother. And he/she didn’t like her then. He graduated high school in 1966, and was drafted into the Vietnam War.

“What’s happening now?” I asked.

“I’m with my men… something’s weird with my feet. I have moldy feet. I’m carrying a machine gun. It’s wet, hot – we’re in the jungle. I don’t know why we’re here. There’s a village up ahead. We shouldn’t be here. There’s only old women and children here. No reason.” Then she grabbed her neck. “I’ve been killed!”

What happened?

“This old lady sliced my throat open! With a machete!”

“Okay,” I said, “now take a minute. Is she still alive? Look around.”

“No! My guys killed her, too.”

“Now, look her in the eye. I want to bow to her as if you were Asian, and ask her forgiveness. You came into her village armed, and she had no choice but to protect it. Ask her forgiveness.”

She asked the woman to forgive her/him and that released a lifetime – and past life – of anger and guilt. The dreams never came back again.

What’s amazing to me is that she was born to her old best friend, Bobby. And because Martha, now a mother herself, saw how it was her own attitude toward her mother that made their relationship difficult, she was able to heal that relationship as well.

For another client, Julia, her dreams had been so terrifying that she’d be nervous about going to sleep. Nothing had helped relieve symptoms, and finally her psychiatrist suggested she come see me. When she “went back in time,” she was in the Middle East somewhere – she wasn’t sure if it was Assyria, Egypt, or it might have been Persia – but she was from the ruling class. She saw herself sitting by an exquisite pool, in a hanging garden. She was a young woman who was about to be married to the ruler’s son. When I asked, “Do you recognize him from anyone you know in this lifetime?”

She said, “It’s Jared!” And that’s her fiancé in this lifetime. In the “next pivotal experiences,” she saw that she’d married, and had two beautiful children and that her husband was now the ruler. She felt loved and happy. On a great feast day, she said, “Something’s happening. Everyone’s screaming. The men on the horses have broken through the gates of the city.” From whatever neighboring tribe or city they came from, they were clearly out for revenge, because they grabbed her, raped her, and forced her husband to watch. And then they forced her to watch as they murdered her husband and children. She actually didn’t need to see any more of the regression, because she’d seen it again and again in her dreams – but she never had that dream again. And now, three years later, she and Jared are still engaged, still happy and looking forward to having those two children join them once again.


  • Great article! You raise an issue that I, as a psychologist and past life therapist, encounter as well. That is, linear vs. non-linear time. If I’m reading your first example correctly, the current life and the “past life” coincide on our linear time line, with many of the same characters in each. Many of us would call this phenomena parallel lives. I’ve uncovered over a hundred past lives and have several parallel lives. I am differentiating which is which by who is dead and who isn’t. But this would seem to be an artificial distinction. There is much overlapping of linear time lines. I must admit that while I agree that time is really non-linear and therefore can occur simultaneously, it is one of those concepts that is hard for me to wrap my head around.

    I’d love to hear your take on this.

    Isn’t it wonderful how working through the lens of reincarnation and its impact on current lives can heal our issues?

    I just published a book, “Hidden Treasures from Past LIves”. I also have a website, That gives you an idea of who I am.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks Barbara! Yes, we’re all surrounded by “entities” who teach our souls many things. Some we’re not that interested in learning. I wish I had more time to write about “time,” linear or otherwise, but I’ll just say that I have a friend who is a rocket scientist (or as he would prefer, space scientist – a mathematician and physicist) and he has no problem with what I do for a living. As he says, “There is not here “here,” – it’s all an illusion.” Did you see that great PBS show about The Universe? Where a scientist actually says, “We’re really just holograms,” and we have no idea where the energy is coming from… ” Or something like that! I wish you were closer, because right now in my own life, after being a widow for ten years, I decided to “manifest” someone to love. And I wanted an ‘Old Soul,” who was passionate about his work, had integrity, loved to laugh and was really smart. Man, be careful of what you ask for, yes? I got that… but I forgot to say, “And let him come in an age appropriate body!” I know we’ve been together many times, and I “see” one connection, but as you know, doing a PLR on oneself isn’t easy. Thanks again… and good luck on your book! It’s amazing work, isn’t it?

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks so much, Barbara! Yes, parallel lives exist… overlapping lives. It’s not linear at all. But way too complicated to discuss on an email/blog. I dated a physicist and he had not problem with anything I do… “there is no ‘here, here,” is what he’d say. Thanks for writing!