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Use the Good China

Use The Good China! Eat Off Your Best Plates.

Use Your Grandmother’s Silver!

Why is this important?  How can this help you?  Life goes by faster than you think.  And if you’re saving the good china or that amazing bottle of wine for guests, then you’re not treating yourself as your own best guest.  If you treat yourself with “extreme self-care” daily and make a habit out it, it builds a foundation of self-care, self-love, and self-esteem.

I know a person who has “decorator towels” in the bathroom.  They look great.  But because of that, there’s no place to dry your hands except for filthy towels on the back of the door.  This person also has a “decorator” wastebasket that can’t be used.  It’s just “for show.”  Nuts, right?

So ask yourself:  Am I living a life “for the show,” or to be Instagram worthy, just to impress strangers?

I have a few super-model clients who have Instagram accounts with over five million “followers.”  These beautiful, talented people show up to me with no make-up, stressed out and unhappy because they feel pressured to look perfect all the time.  Instagram creates anxiety disorders.

If you are trying to live a “decorator life,” “an Instagram life,” then stop, because you’re depriving yourself of the most valuable asset:  The Authentic You!

If you need help in accessing the Authentic You who is worthy of the Best China, Best Wine, Best Life, then Hypnotherapy, Awareness Therapy, and Past Life Regression can help you.  There’s only one you!  Treat yourself like an important guest.

Sending you love,


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