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Pacific Ocean Beach



The marine layer that covers Los Angeles in June is known as “June Gloom.”  Every Angelino knows that eventually the fog will burn off and our 72 & Sunny LA will be back, and we’ll be happy again.

It’s the same with everything else.  Last week, I caught a very instructive virus.  Instructive because it wanted to show me what it would feel like to have no voice.  For five days, I could not talk.  I couldn’t even whisper.  For someone who makes a living talking, that was pretty interesting, to say the least.  I had to cancel all my clients, and then I began to I wonder what I would do if I never got my voice back.  (Future pacing disaster, right?  Don’t you do that, too?)

So I had to practice what I preach, which is to: “Stay Calm!”  I knew that if I stressed myself out with negative thinking, that if I let myself fall into negative future pacing disaster, and let my inner Lizard Brain take control with:  “Disaster Ahead!  Be Afraid!  Homeless Lady Alert!” (If you’ve read my book:  Love From Both Sides, you’ll understand that this was not without good reason.  My immune system would tank, and it would take me even longer to heal.

Everything changes and my body was just doing what it needed to get itself back to full health, or homeostasis.  Dr. Henry Bieler Diet/Protocol taught that a cold is just your body’s way of detoxing itself.  So I bought the string beans, zucchini, celery, and parsley… and ate the healing soup.  And I rested.

So when you get “hit” with a virus, think of it as a much-needed break.  Try not to let your own pesky inner Lizard Brain take over, and tell you that the end is near.

Take time to take Extreme Care of Yourself… no one else can, right?

If you need help in discovering why you’re not taking good care of you, then Hypnotherapy, Awareness Therapy, and Past Life Regression can help you uncover the faulty unconscious assumptions that are stopping you from being happy, healthy and living your best life!


Sending you love,


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