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Want to be Happy? - Stephanie Riseley - Los Angeles Hypnotherapy

Want To Be Happy?

Hypnotherapy, Awareness Therapy & Past Life Regressions Can Help You!

Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Modification, and Past Life Regression can help you find happiness.

How? Understanding what “happiness” means to you is the first step because happiness is personal, subjective. Scientific research proves that happy people are more successful and much healthier people.

As my clients know, when they work with me, I suggest many books written by reputable and fact-checked authors. The two books I like that focus on the science of happiness are:

“The Happiness Advantage,” by Shawn Achor, and “The How of Happiness,” by Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D. She teaches at UC Riverside.

Both books provide solid scientific evidence on the benefits of keeping yourself happy. I used to ask my clients to read a fascinating book:  Antonio Damascio’s “Self Comes to Mind,” but my clients weren’t as keen to learn that much about neuroscience; it’s long and a bit dense. Yet, from that book, I pulled out my idea for the brain flip: “From Poopy Brain to Puppy Brain.”  Because Damascio explains how adjusting your perspective and flipping your brain can change hormone and blood chemistry. And happiness happens in your chemical and hormone responses. (See Candice Pert, “Molecules of Emotion,” for proof.)

What’s an easy way to make yourself happy? First, find a doable goal – something you want to achieve, and then work toward it.

Here’s how — this is from: “The How of Happiness.


Break a long-range goal into steps or sub-goals.

Begin your pursuit of a distant goal by concentrating on the first sub-goal. Practice making different routes to your goals and select the best one.

Mentally rehearse scripts for what you would do should you encounter a blockage.

If you need a new skill to reach your goal, learn it.

Cultivate two-way friendships where you can give and get advice.

But Don’t:

Think you can reach your big goals all at once.

Be too hurried in producing routes to your goals.

Be rushed to select the best or first route to your goal.

Over-think the idea of finding one perfect path to your goal.

Conclude you lack talent or no good when the initial strategy fails.

Get into friendships where you are praised for not finding solutions to your problems.


Tell yourself that you have chosen the goal, so it is your job to go after it.

Learn to talk to yourself in positive voices (e.g., I can do this!).

Recall previous successful goal pursuits, particularly when in a jam.

Be able to laugh at yourself, especially if you encounter impediments to your goal pursuits.

Find a substitute goal when the original plan is blocked solidly.

Enjoy the process of getting to your goals, and do not focus only on the final attainment.


Allow yourself to be surprised repeatedly by roadblocks that appear in your life.

Try to squelch totally any internal put-down thoughts because this may only make them stronger.

Get impatient if your willful thinking doesn’t increase quickly.

Conclude that things never will change, especially if you are down.

Engage in self-pity when faced with adversity.

Stick to a blocked goal when it is truly blocked.

Constantly ask yourself how you are doing to evaluate your progress toward a goal.

Great stuff, right? That’s why I recommend her excellent book.

Finding things to look forward to can also change your mood, blood chemistry, and brain. For me? I plan trips to go and see people I love. The picture with this blog is of my beautiful niece Athena and me, up in Arcata. And that is where I will be there in a couple of weeks. Plan fun things!

Make yourself happy, and that makes everyone else happy too! Think of it as a good deed!

If you need help, please give me a call: (323) 933-4377

Sending you love,


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