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What Happens When Your Past-Life is a Complete A-Hole?

Past Life Regression Therapy

What Happens When Your Past-Life is a Complete A-Hole?

How Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Modification, Awareness Therapy, and Past Life Regressions can change your perspective on the trauma of this lifetime.

As my clients know, I don’t do “Complaining Therapy.”  Old fashioned talking therapy doesn’t change your brain; it simply reinforces the trauma that’s keeping you stuck. So instead, I do “Warrior Goddess Training” or “Spiritual Warrior Training” if you’re a guy.

It’s fast, efficient, and doesn’t take forever.

Last Saturday, I saw Laura, a beautiful 38-year-old virgin, who was born into a repressive female-hating religion (and that could be any of them!). It was her third session, the regression.

Half-Asian and half-African, she is tall, stunning, and has luscious caramel-colored skin that looks sprayed-on. Smart educated, she teaches middle school.

From earliest childhood, Laura was hypnotized into believing that because she was female, she was not only “less than,” but that she was evil. Just because she had a pussy. She knew she needed help, so she’d been in talking therapy for years, and nothing helped her heal, open up and move on.

Laura had “Broken Parents,” who shamed her about her own sexuality. “You’ll go to hell if you have sex!”

On top of that, she cowered as she watched her father beat her mother. And Laura couldn’t help when her poor mother didn’t fight back. Instead, her mother just took it because her religion taught her that she deserved to be beaten. “It’s God’s way.”

Undoing this mess of bad brain programming takes time, and because Laura wants to change, she’s done all the heavy lifting. She’s healing.

But it wasn’t until the regression that Laura got the “Ah-ha!” moment. An understanding that switched her perspective completely.

I asked: “Why did you choose this Laura life? These parents?”

“I’m a tall white guy,” she said. “I’m blond. I’ve got preppy dock shoes on.”  Her face puckered as if she was smelling poop. “I’m a complete asshole! Wow!”

We went through that life as an entitled Harvard educated, white, ‘50s American male life. Everything was given to this guy in that lifetime, and he did nothing with it. Ate, had sex, pooped, and felt entitled to own the world. And then he died, alone, selfish to the end.

When we went to the “In Between,” and I took her to the place where you choose the next lifetime, she understood exactly why her soul chose her present life. The life of a non-white female, born to “Broken Parents.”

“Wow,” she said. “I needed a challenge. I totally get it now. I was so awful in my past life!”

“Can you forgive your parents completely now?” I asked.


And that change in perspective is the beginning of Laura opening up to her own Power, her Divine Femininity, her fabulous sexuality. It’s a process, but it’s doable.

If you need help give me a call. (323) 933-4377

Sending you love,


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