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Self Respect

``You Must Respect Who You Are – Otherwise, You will Destroy Who You Are.``

That quote comes from my wild and wonderful acting teacher, Stella Adler, when she was about 74, teaching in New York City. She said that to a group of her students in October of 1970 when I was young. I know she was thinking about a friend of hers, playwright, Clifford Odets, who’d written the break-out plays for The Group Theatre in the 1930s. From her point of view, he’s gone to Hollywood and lost himself. He wound up doing everything he had railed against as a young man and despised.

How does that relate to you? Self-respect means treating yourself well and acting by your own beliefs. Don’t expect others to treat you well if you don’t value your self and the way you use your time. When you don’t’ respect yourself, and the way you spend your time, that leads to self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.

What would tomorrow look like if everything you did were an act of true love and self-care? Make a plan. Just do one thing.

If you need help in uncovering where the conflicts are coming from, then give me a call or go to my website and contact me from there. Hypnotherapy, Awareness Therapy and Past-Life regression can unlock the mysteries of why you’re not respecting you for your authentic self.

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