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Follow Love With Actions

Follow Love With Actions...

What is it that you love? What gives you joy? Do you love art? Music? Dancing? Lying on the beach, letting the waves soothe your soul while soaking up the sun with a good book?

Or maybe you’re sort of wild? And you love getting high with friends? Risky sex? Doing coke? Alcohol? Smoking?

Be honest with yourself for just a moment. No one’s looking, because honestly? No one cares about what you do. People really only care about themselves and about their own welfare. They’re only interested in you to compare or contrast their lot with yours. And they will either come out ahead of you or behind. Who cares? And how does it matter?

That’s why Instagram/FB/Twitter is so addictive and dangerous. If you’re spending hours on your phone, watching the antics of other people’s lives, then you’re not living own life. You’re wasting your life staring a device that is programmed to make you an addict.

What to do? Get aware of how you spend your time. Make your time precious. Look at who and what wastes it. Then, begin to get a grip. Make micro-changes to your habits. Plan your day. Get the calendar I’ve suggested and just keep track. If you see that at the end of a week or a month nothing has changed, then you’ve got self-defeating behaviors that could use some re-programming. That’s all it is.

If you need help, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, awareness therapy, and narrative therapy can help. So give me a call and let’s chat! Thanks!

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