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Become the Hero or Heroine

Become Your Own Life's Hero

Become the Hero or Heroine of Your Own Life!

In my work with clients, I say: “You’re not in therapy. This is my Warrior Goddess Training!” If I’m working with a man, then it’s “Spiritual Warrior Training.”

Switching your perspective allows you to change your thought patterns, your habits, and your life.  Warrior Goddess Training means believing that your life makes a difference and acting that way.  It’s a process, and it takes time.  I use hypnosis, hypnotherapy, awareness therapy, and past-life regressions to help my clients change their lives.

The quote below is from Excavation to the Core:  A Seeker Soul’s Guide to the Authentic Self, by Cobalt Blue.

I channeled that book long before I was able to write “Love From Both Sides,” but it’s filled with easily doable exercises to help you find out why your “soul” decided to incarnate and become you.  For me, it was to do the work I’m doing now.  Helping people get happy.  Find your purpose, and you can get happy, too.  You can download the book from my website, click here and it will give you lots of tips.  Here’s the first page:


“The emergence of creativity depends on listening.  Musicians hear the songs in their heads and need to write them down.  Writers “hear” the stories in their heads and need to write them down.  Painters listen with their eyes, hear with their hearts.  Poets listen with their souls.

The ability to listen, really listen, to the inner “messages” delivered by your soul determines the elegance and grace with which you live the life you’ve chosen.  But listening involves more than just hearing words.  Listening means listening with your whole body.  Listening means hearing with your soul.  And to be able to listen with your soul means being able to connect with your soul.  And since “soul” is such a catch-all phrase these days, what does it mean?

He’s a good “soul,” or Soul-man, Soul-Train.  Soul food?  Soul music?  So which part of your “soul” do you listen to?  How do you determine which “voice within” to pay attention to?  Finding the correct channel inside is just a matter of taste.  For a “soul” has many options.  It’s as if some people enjoy the A&E channel while others enjoy CNN.  All news all the time.  Some people watch HBO while others watch Fox.  Everything is a choice, and deciding which station you want to “tune” into is simply a matter of taste, attitude, and goals.

But every “soul,” every soul now expressed in flesh, (that is, you who now read these words) has a “goal.”  A life “driveline” you’d say if you were a screenwriter like my lovely friend who types these words for me.  She’d have you think of your life as a screenplay and cast yourself as the hero or heroine of your inner movie, for that’s what she did, and that’s what you all do.  It’s then just a question of understanding what kind of hero you’ve cast yourself as.  Are you a tragic hero, whose dreams go unfulfilled?  Are you a victim-hero who relishes your feelings of being put-upon?  Are you a classic heroic hero like Achilles, perhaps?  But if you know the Iliad, you’ll see that Achilles spends most of the story, most of his time, brooding in his tent.  His “hero” or heroic action comes only when he kills Hector.  His heroic actions involve death, his willingness to give up his life for a cause and his willingness to kill another for what he feels is just cause, the death of his friend or lover Petrocolus.

But heroes in real life exist on a smaller but no less heroic scale.”

(End dictation – 7:56 a.m.  – November 17,2002)

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