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Change Your Habits – Change Your Life

By January 2, 2020January 7th, 2020Healthy Lifestyle, Hypnotherapy
Change Your Habits - Change Your Life

Change Your Habits – Change Your Life

I spent a couple weeks in Maui in December and one beautiful, blue sky day when I walked toward the beach, I saw a nice looking, 50-something man, a pharmacist from Detroit, hunkered over a cigarette.  He stood just beside the gate to a resort that said:  No Smoking.  He looked miserable.

I said, “Bad addiction, right?”

He looked up and said, “And I have a totally hot wife who loves me.  She hates that I smoke.”

I said, “Well, I’m part of the undercover wife network.  I’m a widow.  And your wife doesn’t want to be a widow, because then she’d have to date!  So, I’m here to help you.”

And then I became my therapist self.  And I explained his addictive brain, how to stop, and encouraged him to just take control, and decide how he wanted to quit.  Cold turkey or wean off the nicotine.

Then I went for a walk on the beach and there I saw a double rainbow.

Here’s what he texted me a few days later.

“Thanks!  The last 3 days, I’ve only had 3 cigarettes.  Today, I will have two and by Saturday, I will have none.  My Blondie tells me I am snoring less at night and I am feeling better already.  I have to do this and I know this.  I need to man up and get this monkey off my back!  I do want to enjoy my grandchildren when they come.

I was thinking deeply about my smoking when you appeared.  Maybe you are a guardian angel who was sent to help me.  Regardless, Thanks.”

Then the day after Christmas he texted:  Two Weeks!!  No Smokes!!  Happy New Year!!

And for you, if you have pesky habits you want to get rid of, give me a call – (323) 933-4377
Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy and Past Life Regression can help.

Happy 2020!

Sending you love,


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