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Create a Bubble of Healing Love

By May 21, 2020May 26th, 2020Hypnotherapy, Love
Create a Bubble of Love

Create a Bubble of Healing Love

How Past-Life Perspective Can Help You.

“May you live in interesting times!” That’s the famous Chinese curse, and yes, we all get it now!  These are definitely “interesting times.”  Hypnotherapy, Awareness Therapy, and Past Life Regression might not cure this pesky virus, but it can help calm down your jangled nerves, and it can change your perspective.

How?  Through opening to love!

We’re all “hypnotized” by advertising, movies, and TV into believing that falling in love will solve all our problems and that there’s a perfect someone out there just meant for us.

Every Sixties bubble-gum song assures us that romantic love will make us happy and that we will live happily ever after.  In truth, sometimes falling in love makes our lives even more complicated, because then we have to take another person’s wants, desires, friends, and families and integrate them into our own constellation of wants, desires, needs, families, and friends.  And that’s when the problems begin, and love either gets more robust, or it only dies.  Our own personalities scream loudly that it’s just not worth it.  He or she is just too much trouble!  Why can’t they be who I want them to be?  Our “inner three-year-old” screams that “If this were right, there would be no conflicts!  Everything would be perfect!”  So we pick up our Tinker Toys and head off to seek the next Mr. Right or Miss Perfect.  Easy right?   Open up Tinder or Bumble and swipe – or at least that’s the way it used to be before the pandemic.

One of my clients stays in my mind because I’m on his mailing list.  So when he sends me his blogs, I smile.  Here’s his story of owning the courage to open to love:

Brad came to me when he was conflicted about a smart, funny girl he was thinking of marrying.  According to his people, she wasn’t good enough.

Handsome, successful, and athletic, Brad was nearing 40 and longed to settle down.  Super smart and extremely well educated, he’d fallen in love with Julie, 28, a sexy, beautiful fitness instructor, but the single struggling mom of two small kids.  Her kid’s dad, an aging, failed rocker, presented nothing but a shit-show of problems in Brad’s mind.  Even though he loved Julie, he had severe issues with Jimmy, her angry six-year-old son, and he wondered if he could make it all work out.  That’s when he called me.  After the first two hypnotherapy sessions, we did his past-life regression.

In his first past life, he saw himself as a Viking named Olin, who is desperately in love with a woman he recognizes as Julie.  She likes Olin, but when another man comes onto the scene, Olin won’t fight for her.  Olin‘s afraid, and he lets Julie go off with the other man.  Because of that, there’s so much pent up rage in his body, that Olin goes on killing raid to express it.  (It’s a Viking thing!)  In that raid, he’s killed with an ax to dug into his chest.

The soul lesson from that lifetime hit Brad like a hammer, and he began to cry.  “I was angry at myself because I was a coward!  I ran away from love, and I vented my anger elsewhere.  Being angry is futile.”

Then Brad saw another lifetime where he fought for Julie this time.  In that lifetime, they were Eskimos, and they were already a happy couple.  He recognized that her daughter in this lifetime, Angie, is their own daughter in that lifetime, while Julie’s six-year-old son in this lifetime, Jimmy, is also in that lifetime; only now he’s an angry fellow tribesman.  Brad couldn’t tell but thought he might be a former suitor Julie had rejected.

In that Eskimo lifetime, Brad is the leader in his tribe, and he leads the tribe through traumatic times.  When he dies, both Julie and Angie are at his side, and he feels an incredible feeling of love, even though war rages just outside.

His soul lesson for that lifetime was “to create a bubble of love even when the outside world fills with danger and chaos because there will always be trauma and challenges.”

Good advice for these “Interesting times,” yes?

Brad recognized his soul’s purpose as “Protector,” and that made him proud.  He came out of that session and realized that Julie was a long lost love, and he went home, and he asked her to marry him that night.

We’re all here to love unconditionally, and it’s not always easy.  But if you can be brave like Brad and overcome your own fears, you too can create that bubble of healing love.  You can’t stop life’s challenges, but you can create a bubble of love around your heart.

So figure who or what you love and do it with passion!  Even if right now, it’s your cat, your dog, or even a lonely neighborhood tree.  Love for fun!  Love for health!  But love!

If you need help, I’m seeing clients via Zoom.

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Sending you love,


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