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Love Heals Stress

Sunset with Lovers

Love Heals Stress

Love More – Worry Less!

I have two fantasy boyfriends.  One is the smart, handsome physicist Neal deGrasse Tyson but he seems to be everyone’s fantasy boyfriend.  The other one is Robert Sapolsky; a rumbled, short neuroscientist and primatologist who teaches at Stanford.  His wry information-packed lectures always make me laugh.

I’ve been listening to his Great Courses lecture series, “Stress and the Body” (on Audible) for probably the third time.  And if you would like scientific information about the biology of your hormones and nervous system, I can’t recommend it more highly.

Here are a few chapter headings:  Stress, Overeating, and Your Digestive track.  Stress and Child Development, Stress, and Your Immune System.  There are 24 lectures, but that gives you a taste.

Because we are going into month two of our pandemic and no one knows when or if life will go back to what it was before Covid19 hit our shores, it might be useful to understand the stress and its effects on your own body, mind, and spirit.

The lectures on Child Development and Immune System are filled with scientific research on how love and the lack of love can affect growth and health.  He tells the great story of Peter Pan’s creator, James Barrie, whose favored older brother died.  After that, his Victorian-era mother went nuts, rejected poor James, and he literally stopped growing.   There’s an oft-repeated dreadful story of some German Prince in the 1800s who pried loose a bunch of newborns from his villagers because he wanted to see what would happen if the babies were just fed, changed, and never held.  He found out:  they all died.  There’s the famous research about the baby monkey who prefers the terry cloth mommy over the wire mommy with the food.  Lots of research about love and touch, and the verdict is in:  love and touch can heal.  Yet by the same token, an absence of love and touch isn’t good for your immune system.

And you need your immune system now more than ever, right?

Your skin is your largest organ, and it’s not just sitting there, keeping you from spilling out all over the ground.  Each cell sends signals to your brain constantly without your being consciously aware of it.   As my clients know, I sometimes ask direct questions like:  “How much sex do you have?” “Do you and your partner sleep naked?”  Why would I ask?  Because sex, love, and touch are essential for your healthy functioning brain and body.

So what can you do right now to improve your immune system and calm you down?  If you have a partner, sleep naked and have more sex.  It’s good for both of you!  And give each other massages.  The science of touch proves that touch heals.

What if you don’t have a partner?  If you don’t have an available (or willing) partner, then please have sex with yourself.  I know it’s not as fun, but an orgasm a day keeps your serotonin level high.  And keeping your serotonin level high keeps you happy and healthy.  That’s neuroscience.

If you don’t have a partner to rub your feet, you can do that yourself while you binge-watch “Flea Bag.” And don’t’ forget to massage your over-washed hands and palms with a lot of good smelling luscious lotion.

Taking extreme care of yourself is something you can all do until things settle down.  Take tiny steps every day, and congregate yourself after each one.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  Hypnotize yourself into staying calm.  I made free downloadable MP3 to help boost your immune system; please listen to that.  It’s on my website.  It will calm you down.

Or you can take a page out Neal deGrasse Tyson’s page, my other fantasy boyfriend, and think of the cosmos.  Change your perspective.  Instead of thinking about your cells, think big!  Keep in mind that you are on an insignificant planet, far out at the edge of the universe, spinning on its axis at 1000 miles an hour, hurtling around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour.  We are all a part of the “All That Is,” and we are all made of same chemicals as the cosmos – and that’s stardust.  Your soul is eternal – just like the universe.  No beginning and no end.  It just is.  So stay calm and remember to “love what is.”  It’s part of our lesson from this lifetime.

If you need help, Cognitive Behavior Modification, Awareness Therapy, and Past Life Regression can give you tools to help you get through this.

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