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Get Happy & Stay Healthy with Hypnotherapy

Get Happy & Stay Healthy with Hypnotherapy - Stephanie Riseley Hypnotherapy

Get Happy & Stay Healthy with Hypnotherapy

with Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Modification & Past Life Regression

How can hypnotherapy, cognitive behavior modification & past-life regression help you get happy?

Everyone wants to be happy, right? So books abound with good advice: “The How of Happiness,” “Happiness Advantage,” and “The Hypostasis of Happiness,” to name just a few.

See the rainbow? I took that picture on Maui a few years ago.

Think of a rainbow, picture a pot of gold on the right side, and see a giant elephant with a tiny rider on its neck – holding on to its ears.

That “pot of gold” symbolizes the riches made from out-of-whack emotions. So pop “emotions” over with the pot of gold on the right.

Now, take your brain back to the left side of the rainbow and the elephant. Let’s call the elephant your Hidden Beliefs or subconscious mind, and the little person is your conscious mind trying to control the elephant.

Beliefs create thoughts, and “like thoughts link together.”  Like thoughts create nerve cell firings, as nerve cells fire together, those nerve cell firings create cascades of hormone triggers. Those hormones are like keys that unlock chemicals.   Those chemicals create your own emotional responses. That’s what makes you feel happy, sad, disgusted, furious, etc. (Want proof? Check out: Candice Pert’s “Molecules of Emotion.”)

Those of you who have taken Ecstasy know the feelings of ecstatic joy that wash over you. Those feelings come from the massive serotonin release in your brain. But, unfortunately, it’s not the drug; it’s your own hormones that deliver that feeling. And your serotonin supply is limited; that’s why retaking the drug to get the happiness fix doesn’t work.

Back to our rainbow and our big elephant – a belief system.

Let’s pretend there’s a belief system (hidden brain/elephant) based on a faulty assumption, i.e., a lie, but believed wholeheartedly by many people. So they form cults, like the KKK, the Manson Family, Jim Joses’s Kool-Aid drinkers, lots of weirdo religions, etc. The people who share those “like thoughts” attract others. “Like thoughts link together, like nerve cells fire together,” that’s science. So pretend that those cult members have guns or swords, some sort of weapon, and they feel they have “god on their side.” They feel empowered, so they take their weapons and do whatever they want because of hatred, disgust, anger, resentment, vengeance, entitlement, superiority, or toxic emotions they have created with their faulty beliefs.

That’s how your nervous system behaves. Those out-of-whack emotions can destroy your nervous system and your happiness. They become OCD thoughts.

Why? Because there’s only that tiny person – your conscious mind – to control the huge rampaging elephant. That’s why “complaining therapy” doesn’t help; it just makes you unhappier. You just reinforce the thought pattern that’s triggering the nervous system.

Okay, so what can you do when your emotions go haywire? Go back and calm down your own big elephant, your subconscious mind.

Just stop and breathe. Ask: “Is everything okay in these fifteen seconds?”  And if everything is okay, calm your brain down.

Stop the Obsessive Compulsive looping system.   Then ask:  Is that belief true? And find proof. If you can’t find verifiable proof, let go of your faulty belief.

Choose to be happy over being right! As I say on audio # 2 — the need to right is for narcissists and kids – and you are neither.

Sorry, this is so long, but as George Bernard Shaw famously said, “Forgive me because this letter is so long. If I’d had more time, it would have been shorter.”

If you need help getting happy and being more successful, please give me a call. (323) 933-4377

Sending you love,


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