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Healing Through Past Life Regression

By May 10, 2018November 13th, 2018Hypnotherapy
Past life Regression
Healing with Past Life Regression



This regression still ranks as one of my most memorable, because in my client’s Past Life Regression, she saw herself as young GI, killed in Vietnam.  Not odd to me, but what’s amazing is that her “best friend” in that past lifetime, is her father in this lifetime.

A very fast turnaround.  Interested?

Then read on:

When Martha, an elegant forty-year-old mother of two from Encino, called, she told me that she had “potty mouth” dreams. They embarrassed her because “I swear like a sailor in my sleep and I wake up my kids!”

She’d tried talking therapy, drugs, but nothing had helped her.

In the first hypnotic regression, Martha saw her own birth and was surprised at how much she didn’t like her own mother – all she wanted was to be held by her father.

Then she “went back in time” to the ‘50s in the San Fernando Valley.

“I recognize the terrain,” she said.  “It’s the San Fernando Valley, all right.  But all the houses are just being built.  There’s construction everywhere.  My name’s Johnny, and I’m an eight-year-old.  So fun.  So free!  Wow!  It feels as if I’m in the Land of Lost Boys.  All we do is run wild, and play all day.

I said, “Go find your parents.”

“No!  I want to go to Bobby’s house.”

“Okay.  Who’s Bobby?”

“Bobby’s my best friend.”

And then she was silent.

“Oh, my God!  Bobby is my dad!  But no one calls him Bobby now.  He’s Robert.”

So she went to his parents, (now her own grandparents) and she grew up with Bobby, and even double dated with the girl who would later become her own mother.   But Johnny didn’t like her.  She saw herself graduating from High School.

I said, “Turn around.  Read the year on the banner.”

“1966,” she said.  “I’m being drafted.  I’m going to Vietnam.”

“What’s happening now?” I asked.

“I’m with my men.   Something’s weird with my feet.  They stink.  I have moldy feet.  I’m carrying a machine gun.  It’s wet, hot – we’re in the jungle.  Horrible.  I’m terrified.  I don’t know why we’re here.  There’s a village up ahead. We shouldn’t be here.  There are only old women and children.  I don’t understand my orders.  No reason.”

Then she grabbed her neck.

“I’ve been killed!”

“What happened?” I asked.

“An old lady sliced my throat open!  With a machete!”

“Okay,” I said, “now take a minute. Is she still alive?  Look around.”

“No!  My guys killed her, too.”

“Now, stop the action!” I said. “Look her into her eyes.  I want you to bow ceremonially as if you were Asian.  You must ask her forgiveness.  You came into her village armed, and she had no choice but to protect it.  Ask her forgiveness now.”

So Martha, as Johnny the young GI, bowed and asked the woman to forgive him.  And she did.

That ceremony freed both of them to release that trauma and move on.

Martha’s night terror dreams never came back.  What’s amazing to me is that she was born to her old best friend, Bobby, now her father, Robert.

And because Martha, now a mother herself, saw how it was her own attitude toward her mother that made their relationship difficult, she was able to heal that relationship as well.

“I now see that it’s been me who has created the problems with my mom.”

Healing can happen spontaneously, life in Martha’s case.  Past Life Regression can shift old energies and can change perspectives on relationships.

So if you want to find a way to shift your perspective, and find a way to let go and forgive, give me a call.  Why wait until your next lifetime?  Do it now!  The point of power is always in the present!

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