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How Past-Life Regression & Cognitive Behavior Modification Heals and Awareness Therapy Works!

By September 19, 2014June 2nd, 2017Hypnotherapy


This is an iPhone photo I took on my way to Esalen a few weeks ago. On Highway 1 which snakes lovingly up the coast, every moment is a photo opp! I stopped and just pointed my phone, and got this. I could have focused on other things, but I choose to focus on the beauty.

Just like in life, if every moment you realize that you have the power to view things through a “happy, rose-colored lens, or through murky, angry blame-culture lens.” It’s always your choice. And we all get to make choices moment by moment!

Enjoy the day no matter where you are – it’s your “point of inner power.” And it’s always in the immediate present!  As Carl Jung said, “I am not what happened to me.  I am what I choose to become.”  Dare to become the best you can be!

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Stephanie Riseley