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How Re-Framing Can Calm You Down

By March 26, 2020April 1st, 2020Anxiety, Depression, Fear
Los Angeles California

How Reframing Can Calm You Down!

The Joyousness Cure.

As all my clients know, I live in an alternate world.  I do Past Life Regressions, so for me, dying is an everyday happening in my life.  People see a past life and that life dies.  In a regression, at the end of a specific incarnation, I usually ask a client to “float above,” meaning to look back at the life just experienced and view it from the soul’s perspective.

I always ask, “What soul lesson did you learn in that past life?”  It’s usually something like “love is all that matters,” or “don’t be a coward,” or “family is more important than making money.”

So now that we’re in the midst of what Seth, in “Seth Speaks,” would call a Mass Event, I think it might be helpful for all of us to re-framed it and change our perspective on this virus.  Let’s all see it as a “learning opportunity,” okay?

What might be the benefits of this virus?   Viewed differently – the virus could reset people’s idea of what’s essential and what’s not necessary, right? Reset life priorities.

The virus might open up people’s awareness of how interconnected all of us, we humans, are.

What if this virus winds up saving humanity from itself?  No planes to harm the environment, right?  No cars to pollute our sky.  So maybe we should thank the virus for coming and being the biggest wakeup call that we humans have had in a hundred years.

Why not take the time to reconnect to the value of things we took for granted?  Parents who now have to teach their children at home will value schools and teachers more.

Busy people who never ate at home, now forced to make their own dinner, might value restaurants and kitchen workers more.  I have a friend who had to make her own pizza, and said she’d never complain about the price of pizza again!

Yes, we would all rather this didn’t happen, but now is the time to value being human and to value our connectedness to each other.  So why not, just for today, be grateful for being alive and for being healthy?

Today, I enjoyed the clean air that now fills the bright blue skies over Los Angeles.  I enjoyed the quiet in my neighborhood, usually filled with frantic Waze drivers.  I also enjoyed my friendly neighbors who kept their six feet of distance as we walked in the morning sun.  So enjoy what is.  Be happy.  What if Joyousness turns out to be the cure for this virus?

If you need help changing your perspective, call me.  Cognitive Behavior Modification, Awareness Therapy, and Past Life Regression can help.  I’ll be doing Zoom sessions, because staying calm and happy boosts the immune system.

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