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Lost Your Lover? Afraid of Death?

By August 24, 2023October 19th, 2023Hypnotherapy
Stephanie Riseley Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

Lost Your Lover? Afraid of Death?

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Can Help You Heal

Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Modification, and Past-Life Regression heal even the devastating wounds. Losing a child, a parent, or a husband can sometimes take years to heal, but sometimes shifting perspectives, changing the way you look at the loss, can help heal the deep wound.

I was a new widow when I first worked with Brian Weiss, MD, the psychiatrist who trained me to do Past Life Regressions. My husband Dan had died a couple of years before, then he had “come back” and chatted to me. I heard his voice and could feel his presence.

Like many new widows, I thought I was delusional or just plain crazy. But Dan, who had been a lawyer and nuclear engineer, connected with such fierce energy, persistence, and persuasiveness that it left no doubt in my mind that what I experienced was real.

Real, but weird and crazy because he had spiritual sex with me.  I wrote a book about my experience:  Love From Both Sides – A True Story of Soul Survival & Sacred Sexuality.

Because of that, widows from around the world contacted me and told me they had had the exact experience with their dead mates.  They thanked me for writing the book because they thought they were also going mad with grief.

One of those widows was Susannah, a six-foot tall, blond beauty from Los Angeles. She came to see me just after her young husband, John, 35, dropped dead of a heart attack.   But John had “returned” to her and tried to comfort her from the “In Between.”  He chatted and had sex with her – and she was worried and ashamed.

Healing from the trauma of losing love, a shared life, and a future takes time.   Susannah was patient with herself as she recovered. I gave her the tools she needed to understand her brain and heal from the utter hell of losing a soul-mate husband.  The obsessive-compulsive thinking of the “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” looping that happens when people die.

After the first few sessions, we started the past life regressions. In the many regressions, she was shown that John was not just a “soul-mate” but also one of her guides.  He showed her many lives they’d been together, loving lives filled with warmth and goodness.  John told her that she was from a healer soul group.   (Susannah works as a legal secretary, but that doesn’t give her a sense of fulfillment or purpose.)

I felt that something was holding her back – possibly a life where she’d abused her power, and that’s what we decided to go after.

In hypnosis, I asked, “What stops you from owning your power and purpose?”

Then she saw two lives; the first was a happy life, but the second was the one she needed to see.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Second life was harder emotionally for me. Stephanie asked John if he would show me a life where I abused my power, and he asked if I wanted to see that.

“We went in, and I was a young man in Pennsylvania in the late 1800s. He remained nameless during this session. I first saw myself at 3, when both of my parents died. My mother and brother were my folks in this lifetime.

“Then they died and was an orphan, raised in the orphanage. I was an evil child. I was abusive to animals and other kids. Even the adults were scared of me. I felt so uncomfortable visiting this life; I felt more emotion than I have experienced in any other life. Everyone had fear in their eyes when I looked into their faces.

“I had no conscience; I was a psychopath, so I did whatever I wanted.   When I was about 17 or 19, a man with no family and a shoe business took me in. I killed him when I was in my late 20s or early 30s. I killed him in a way so that no one had proof, but everyone felt it was me. Then, I took over his business. It didn’t do well because everyone in town feared me and didn’t want to shop there. Later in life, in my 50s or so, I killed myself with a handgun to the head.

“I am afraid of using my power now because I abused it in that life. That man, physically and mentally, is the complete opposite of who I am in this lifetime, and I was repelled by the darkness I experienced and seeing through his eyes and being him.

“As I went to the in-between, my soul group didn’t greet me very well, as would be expected. We went into the Tribunal. I felt the wall-less room was round, and there was a large triangle on the floor, inlaid design in the marble, something like this, except there was only one circle around the triangle: white marble floors, green marble inlay for the design.

“At first, I felt like my soul group was behind me, in a jury box, but it was just my imagination as they faded away as I approached the Elders. Three main ones were sitting slightly above me, in front of me, in a panel-type box. They felt human, although I didn’t see any faces or actual bodies, but the energy was projected as a human form, glowing white energy, white robes. As I approached, the one in the center took off his medallion, and he put it on me. (Leaned forward through the box he was behind) It had a cougar/female lioness, reminding me of my courage and strength. Full body image of the lion/cougar, prowling down the medallion in gold, about 3 inches wide, white band for the necklace part.

“He did a mind meld; I felt his forehead come to mine, with his hands on either side of my head. I felt a lot of heat above my forehead (in reality) as this was happening. His forehead was against mine, so I could only capture this blinding white light. My mind is still a bit numb as I try to experience it again. Stephanie asked him to give me my life purpose, and I am unsure if I received that. (As I type, I hear, “You did; you just have to trust us.” Trust is such a recurring theme right now!) I was told to stop drinking.

“My purpose is to love and heal. Breathe, trust, believe, love, heal. Sleep on it. He then did a chakra blend with me and wrapped me in his arms for what felt like an eternity. There is so much white light! The energy was very intense and overwhelming. Ultimately, I bowed my head, thanked, and backed out of the room back to my soul group. I talked with John just a little more. He gave me a big hug, suggesting it may be the last but that he is always with me, which I feel in my core. No matter what, he is always, always with me. Stephanie asked him to show me what he was, and he flashed me the projected image of him as the John I know parted down the middle, and he was a fuzzy ball of light. I know his true soul, which will always be a part of me.

“As Stephanie brought me back, I felt like I had this huge weight on my chest and found breathing hard. I was so mentally stunned by the Elder’s energy and physically exhausted. I still don’t feel I’ve grasped it because so much was shared at a higher level that I can’t quite comprehend it right now.

“My mind just feels blank when I try to think about it. Full of information, but yet blank, like I can’t get beyond the white light. Hence, I wonder why the Elder told me to sleep on it. It will take a while, but it will seep into my consciousness and be there to use when I’m ready. ”

I continued to see Susannah for a while. Eventually, she met a fantastic man, married him, and now has two beautiful children. She healed entirely and took her power back.

If you need help finding your power, your purpose, or healing from heartbreak, please give me a call. (323) 933-4377

Sending you love,



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