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By December 2, 2014June 2nd, 2017Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, PTSD


COURAGEOUS CHIHUAHUA CONNECTS TO A PAST LIFE LOVERWelcome to the holiday season! While there’s much to love about the season, I’ve got to be honest with you: For me, the holidays make me crazy, and I go into complete PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. And for good reasons.

If you’ve read Love From Both Sides – A True Story of Soul Survival and Sacred Sexuality, there’s no need to explain. But for those who haven’t read my “mind-blowing” book, let me briefly recap: I met my husband Dan twenty-five years ago just before Halloween. He asked me to marry him at Thanksgiving, we were married the day before New Year’s eve, and then he died the day after Christmas twelve years later, ergo, my PTSD during the holidays. Understandable, even predictable, if you know brain science.

Here’s how it works:

My ancient, lizard brain (the amygdala), sees the black cats and orange jack-o-lanterns of Halloween, and it leaps into pure panic, or more scientifically, it goes totally haywire. My brain hates the holidays, because it perceives them as a threat. My brain screams: “Your whole world is coming to an end! Run!” But because I read every brain science book I can, and because they all repeat same thing: that cognitive behavior modification, awareness therapy or mindfulness therapy, in conjunction with narrative therapy, which is what Past Life Regression Therapy actually boils down to, can heal a run-away brain like mine, I know what to do and how to make my brain behave.

It’s easy. Here’s how:

  • I acknowledge my own fear, (the gripping in my gut), but I pay no attention to my own physiological/biological reaction.
  • I remind myself that it’s my own hi-jacked amygdala, and that my brain is out of order, so to speak. And so if the tiger isn’t chasing me, I don’t need to run.
  • I stay focused on what’s good in the present moment, (mindfulness) and that makes my brain behave. It’s proven brain science and it works!

Finally, I cheer myself up by reminding myself that if my husband hadn’t died, leaving me $180,000 in debt, with no retirement, no insurance – absolutely nothing, and at 54 years old, I would never have discovered the true purpose of my life – which is to help others heal.

Besides that, I wouldn’t have been tested. I would never have been forced onto my own hero’s journey, I wouldn’t have written my book, and I wouldn’t have studied with Brian Weiss, MD. But most importantly, I wouldn’t be doing the work I do now. The work that makes me so proud. Trust me; I didn’t start out to be a hypnotherapist who does Past Life Regressions. I started out to be a doctor, but got systemic lupus instead, and I had to heal myself. I became a doctor from inside out. But because of my own “hero/healer’s journey,” (according to Martha Beck, in order to become a real healer you need to get the shit kicked out you first), I have my own unique style of helping clients heal from so many of their “learning opportunities.” I love my work, and I feel so grateful to be able to help my clients find their own power and purpose.

Today I’m sharing a Past Life Regression that always brings a smile to my face, and I hope you wil like it too, because we’ve all had dogs or cats that we know love us from “In Between.”

A couple years ago, I got a call from Dottie, a fifty-something, successful, sexy, screenwriter who is now married to a staid (but lovable) psychiatrist out in the wilds of Malibu. (My favorite place – expect that “there is only one way in, and one way out.”) She began the phone conversation with: “I know you’ll think I’m crazy, but I’ve got to know about this dog – this impossible, amazing Chihuahua!”

“Tell me.” I said, “I’ll see if I can help you.”

“A few months ago,” she began, “I walked down to our front gate to get our mail. And there, waiting for me, stood this uppity, feisty Chihuahua. He cocked his head, and stared straight into my eyes as if saying, ‘What took you so long?’ And then he simply pranced past me, through the gate like he owned the place, up the front walkway, and stood in front of the door, and waited for me to open it. I simply felt compelled to obey him and so I let him inside. He looked around the front room, went straight to my husband’s chair and sat down, and clearly wanted me to sit next to him. Once again, I felt I had to comply with his demands. He jumped into my lap, snuggled up next to my heart and I felt this burst of sheer love! It was ridiculous. I fell in love with this complete stranger of a dog in a moment. I sat there petting him, wanting to cry for how happy I was to have him “back.” That’s what it felt like.

When my husband Norman came home that might, the dog growled, barked and snarled. Norm demanded to know how this damned stay dog came to be in his house. Now, I love my husband, he’s my second husband, but I’m not giving up this dog. And it’s becoming an issue between us. Do you think you can help? I can’t possibly break in another husband.”

“I don’t know. But I can give it a shot.” I explained how I work, and that it would take five sessions. She agreed to do the work, and so we began her journey.
When we got to her first regression, in the third session, Dottie saw the life she needed to make sense of her connection with this dog.

“Look at your feet,” I said.

“I’ve got amazing shoes on! I’m in Italy, maybe Florence. 1400s? 1500? The dress is heavy, tight, jeweled – I’m a rich man’s wife, I think. No, I’m still a daughter. I’m getting married. I’m so pretty! Blond!”

“Look around. What do you see?”

“Pageantry – beautiful but it’s all for show. I don’t like any of it. Something’s wrong with my heart – it seems to be breaking. Yes, I’m getting married to someone I don’t love.”

“Let’s go back to the beginning of your life and find your parents.”

“Oh, my god! It’s Norm. My husband is my father! But I love him. He’s a good father – he’s very Catholic in that life. He’s very pious, that’s so funny, because he’s so Jewish in this lifetime. Oh this makes me laugh. Yes, we’re in Florence – my father works for the Medici’s. Finance. Money.”

“What happens next?”

“I’m having my portrait painted by this fierce, wild young artist… Oh! He makes me laugh. My heart is breaking – I’m so in love with this man, this artist. He’s everything to me. Wow! Yes, it’s my dog, Cosimo! How is that possible?”

“Just keep on going forward. I’ll explain later. What happens next?”

“Day after day, I sit and he stares into my soul and he paints my utter being. He loves me so much. This hurts my heart now. I can’t bear this pain. Something awful is going to happen.”

“Stay with what you’re seeing. You can float above if it gets too intense. How old are you now?”

“Seventeen? The painting is to be a wedding gift for my husband to be. I have to get married to this rich older man I don’t love. I don’t want to get married to anyone but Cosimo. And he knows why he’s painting this picture. But we can’t stop ourselves and we are on fire with our passion – oh, the sex! The love here – passion. And now? I’m pregnant and panicked.”

“What happens next?”

“My father finds out and wants to kill Cosimo! I know that he can hire people to kill him. It’s done all the time. He works for the Medici’s – they own the town.”

“What happens next?”

“I plead for his life. I swear to my father that I will marry this other man, if only he will let him live. I threaten to kill l myself. I’m hysterical.”

“What happens next?”

“I’m breaking his heart, so he relents.”

“What happens next?”

“I marry and become a wife. I have a son – oh, it’s my daughter Julia in this lifetime. My husband is no fool, he know that the baby is not his son. But my husband loves me so much. Wow. And I have many children, and we actually have a wonderful life together. I never love him the way I loved Cosimo, but I see that his kindness gave us a fine life. Cosimo went on to become very famous and he had many lovers. He would have broken my heart, and my wise father knew that.”

“What did your soul need to learn from that lifetime?”

“That there are many kinds of love. And I see that my father in that lifetime, Norm, in this lifetime, only wanted me to be happy. Just like he does now. He’s the sweetest man in the world, and I’m so lucky to have found him. But now I see why my dog hates him, but seeing all of this makes me love Norm more.” So Dottie got the answer to the question she asked.

Now you might wonder, is her dog Cosimo really the re-incarnation of her lover? Yes and no. He’s a fragment, a sliver, of that soul’s eternal energy. And the soul wants to connect physically with Dottie for a brief moment in time. And the soul uses the dog’s body to love Dottie. Love is love, and her past life lover can shoot passion into Dottie’s soul, and maybe ignite some needed creativity. After all, she’s a screenwriter – and writers need passion, but also stability in order to write.

Over the years I’ve seen many like connections, so nothing seems odd to me. Just a few months ago I had a client who came to me because her cat had died, and she couldn’t get over the loss. But when we did her regression, that cat had been an only son in a past life. But in this lifetime, she never married – so that “fragment” of a soul came in to love her in the form of her cat.

So happy holidays! Enjoy the people and animals in your life and know that we’re all connected. And we’re all here to learn to love – even the impossible people who sometimes challenge us! ​
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