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Therapy For Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

How Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy Heals Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Do you suffer from Insomnia? Do you wake up at three a.m. with a racing heart and racing thoughts? Take heart, you’re not alone. Millions suffer from these serious sleep disorders.

The newest brain research proves that lack of sleep affects your brain and body in ways that can be disastrous to your health now, and down the road, in your future. Lack of good sleep can bring on early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s. Did that scare you? Good. Because for years and years, high powered executives and TV people boasted about their ability to get along on just three to four hours of sleep, air kissing their shoulders, thinking themselves extremely fabulous. That is, until they fall literally on their faces and break bones, which happened to Super Woman – Arianna Huffington.

Now, why can’t you sleep? I wish there were an easy answer, but there’s not just one reason, there are many: Stress. Bad job. Bad boss. Bad marriage. Hormones. Love. New baby. Old parents. Kids. Too much coffee. Too little sex. Anger. Shame. Frustration. Addictions.

Does it matter? Not at all, because you can’t sleep. And because of that, you wake up angry, tired and grumpy. And then, you dose yourself with more coffee and the vicious cycle continues, right?

What’s happening in your brain? You’ve given yourself a lovely case of OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. You can’t stop your brain from obsessing about whatever it is that’s keeping you up, or waking you up.

How can Awareness Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy help? By using scientifically proven techniques, you learn to “pay attention” to what your body needs, and you learn how to create new habits that work for your life.

Yes, you can break the brain habits that are driving you nutty. And get free.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Awareness Therapy and Regression Therapy will help you get control over the thoughts that are triggering the fight or flight response in your brain and shooting adrenaline down through your nervous system.

Once again, the newest brain research proves that depriving your brain of the sleep it needs does much more damage than ever imagined. Sleep deprived brains get into traffic accidents, are snappy with loved ones, especially small humans (who can be demanding!) and what’s worse? Those sleep deprived brains get Alzheimer’s.

I’ve just made a new MP3, so you can try that, and it that’s not enough, please call me. It might be something from a Past Life. That happens all the time. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Love, Stephanie

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