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Are You Stressed Out? Stephanie Riseley Los Angeles Hypnotherapy

Are You Stressed Out? Burned-out? Can’t Sleep?

Cognitive Behavior Modification & Hypnosis Work Better Than Drugs!

Do you feel exhausted, but you can’t sleep? Not able to calm your ruminating, racing mind? Panic Attacks? Help is on the way!

The newest brain science proves that Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT), combined with Hypnotherapy, Awareness Therapy, and Mindful Therapy, can change your brain and stop the obsessive-compulsive thinking that triggers your nervous system. No pills needed!

Stress isn’t the problem because everyone is stressed. It’s Stress Management that works. Or how your brain/body connection processes the stressors that can either get you through a challenging day or make you crawl under the bed and hug your Teddy Bear.

According to a New York Times article (September 5, 2023), CBT-I was more effective than drugs to calm the nervous system. CPT-I is a specialty that targets insomnia. The writer quotes experts in the field and says, “Clinical trials suggest that as many as 80% of people who try CPT-I see improvements…” Here’s the link if you want the article:

But even though CBT might be more effective, it takes time and learning how your brain functions—then having patience with your own process and encouraging yourself throughout the day to stay calm. For instance, take deep breaths, exhale completely, and hold your breath for the count of five. And do it again until your nervous system calms down. (That floods your brain with CO2, which does the trick.)

This brings to mind a tall, handsome client in his late thirties. He is a successful actor and director. HE HAD MASSIVE ANXIETY ATTACKS when I first saw him six years ago. Crippling, ground-hugging anxiety attacks. He also had a wife and a brand new baby daughter. I worked with him for months, and he did all the work; he exercised, ate well, slept well, and listened to my meditations twice daily. He targeted his sabotaging thoughts and deleted them. He changed his habits and thinking, and then he was good to go within months.

Then, during Covid-19, he called me panicked. “I’m having heart palpitations and panic attacks again!”

“Are you still taking care of yourself?” I asked.

“Not like I used to. I thought I was fixed!” he said.

“Do you have to floss and brush your teeth every day?” I asked.

“Yes! Of course!”

“Well, it’s just like that with your nervous system. You’ve got to keep the brain plaque from forming. Keep up your good habits. Meditate, exercise, have sex, eat well, create joy!”

He’s got a movie coming up, so I’m seeing him again to re-up his habits, which will keep him calm.

As my clients know, I do Iyengar Yoga. It’s the yoga for the Obsessive Compulsive People, as I fondly call it because it’s very precise. For 35 years, I just showed up at the Institute and took an hour-one-half class daily. I loved it. My favorite teacher, Karin O’Bannon, used to say, “You’ve got to get a home practice.”

I would say, “This is my home practice. Here.”  She would roll her eyes, shake her head and smile.

During COVID-19, the Yoga Institute closed down. One of my clients said, “I know you could teach a yoga class; why don’t you teach me?”

And so I did. For the past three years, I now teach my former amazing client (who came to me weighing 230 pounds and now weighs 132) a yoga class. It’s a habit for both of us.

So finally, I have a home practice. Karin O’Bannon must be smiling up there, in the In-Between. (I’m sure we were nuns together in one of our many former lives.)

Past Life Regression helps your brain put things in perspective as well. No matter what’s happening, your sturdy, indestructible soul will make it through. Have faith. So, please call me if you need help keeping yourself calm, creating joy in your life, finding your soul purpose, or just stopping vaping.

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