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Feeling Angry? Don’t Know Why?

Feeling Angry

Feeling Angry? Don’t Know Why?

Find the source with Hypnotherapy & Regression Therapy

Have you ever exploded over small stuff? Lost control and then felt guilty because you knew you were wrong?

That’s precisely why Stacey, an intelligent blonde with bottle cap blue eyes came to see me. At 27, she lives with Carlos, a successful Latin entrepreneur she hopes to make a life with, even though he hasn’t proposed. (That in of itself can make a girl uneasy.)

Stacey called me because she’d just explode over stupid stuff. Her anger erupted out of nowhere – and she couldn’t control it.

For instance, right before she came to see me, when she walked out the door and called out to Carols: “I’m leaving,” but Carlos, buried in his computer, didn’t respond with, “Bye, babe! Love you!” She had a complete meltdown – she slammed the door and raged at him. She got a grip and apologized, but that’s why she wanted answers.

She thought hypnotherapy, awareness therapy, and Past-Life Regression would help. She wondered if her rage could be from a past-life trauma.

Stacey comes from a postage stamp-sized Midwestern town where everyone knows everyone else. Her mother, Jill, a headstrong beauty, got pregnant at 20 by the town’s handsome high school English teacher, Matt. Everyone gossips and everyone knew – especially the mothers. Neither Jill’s mother nor Matt’s mother was happy about it, but what to do?

Jill decided to keep the baby because she knew that her old boyfriend, Randy, a solid farmer’s son, still loved her and that he would be there for her. And he was. Because of that, Stacey, my client, was born into a tight-knit, loving unit, her mother Jill, Randy, and two (or three) grandmothers, but with a reluctant Matt on the side.

As an adorable three-year-old, Stacey demanded and got lots of attention at home. Mom, step-dad, grandparents played with her all the time.

Matt, her bio-dad, lived in town, so Stacey was sent to his place every other weekend. She had a room of her own, but he just watched TV.

On Stacey’s third session with me, where we do the regression, after the hypnosis induction, I asked her to find the source of her rage.

“Where is it from? What do you see?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she said.

But her very pale skin started to turn bright red—first her neck and then the bright red spread up to her face.

“What do you see?” I repeated. “I can see you’re looking at something.”

“I’m three years old. I’m standing in my bio-dad’s living room.”

“Okay. Good. Now, look around. What’s happening?”

“Nothing! He’s just watching TV like he always does! He ignores me! I don’t know why I’m here. I want to go home!” Her whole face turned red. She was furious!

I encouraged her to become her own best mommy, comfort the Inner-Angry-Three-Year-Old, let go of her rage and finally forgive that reluctant 27-year-old daddy.

Because Stacey recognized that the source of her “flash anger” was her own wounded Inner Child, she learned how to stop, take deep breaths, and get control. In addition, her Past Life Regressions helped her understand how and why she was connected to Carlos, her mother, step-dad, and little brother.

She belongs to a Leader/Warrior soul group. And her guide told her not to sell herself short. So I hope she follows the guide’s advice.

Cognitive Behavior Modification, Awareness Therapy, and Past Life Regression can help you find your Purpose and Passion.

If you need help bringing your own Inner Child up out of your subconscious mind to be healed, please give me a call.

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