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Many Lives, Many Soul Mates

Many Lives, Many Soul Mates

Many Lives, Many Soul Mates

Searching for Your One True “Soul Mate”?

I saw “Sleepless in Seattle” on the big screen at the Academy Museum last week, and it reminded me of how many of my clients feel that a casual fling or Tinder hook-up might just be “the one.” If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan at their youngest and cutest. Romantic, feel-good movie.

Cognitive Behavior Modification, Awareness Therapy, and Past Life Regression can help you know if the one you’ve found might be “the one.” Sometimes, “the one” runs away, but there might be one more.

For instance, my client Jillian, a tall, red-headed 43-year-old Laguna sales rep, met a lawyer named Trevor online. She was in his bed in a nanosecond.

She came to see me because she was shocked at her own behavior and the intensity of her emotions. She was in love, and she barely knew him.

When we did her first regression, I said, “Where are you?”

“I’m in Boston. I’m rich and pretty, and my name is Maisy. I must be a teen or maybe early 20s, and I’m sitting on a park bench in the fall. It’s the early 1900s. The sun shines through the golden trees, and everyone’s out enjoying the brisk, blue-skied day. I’m waiting for my beau. I’m so excited. I’m in love, but my parents told me I must break it off. Here he comes!

“Wow! It’s Trevor,” she smiled so broadly and said, “I’m so happy just sit next to him! My heart jumps just holding his hand. He’s wearing a blue striped shirt. He works in the soda fountain; it’s where we met. But he’s poor. My parents told me that he’d never be able to take care of me. What would people think if I married beneath me? They’re sending me away to school. Trevor’s so angry at me for not believing in him. His eyes! Oh, how he loves me, and I’m breaking his heart. He’s stomping away. My heart is breaking, too!”

“What happens next?”

“I come home from school with a handsome Harvard guy, and my parents approve. He’s kind, but I never really love him. I have kids, attend church socials, and do charity work. Wow. Boring. My husband becomes a Senator, and when I’m in my fifties like I am now, I meet Trevor again in Washington. Only now, he’s a very wealthy man, a widower. He begs me to leave my husband – but I can’t – I refuse. What would people think? I break his heart again.”

After Maisy dies, I ask, “What did you learn in that life?”

“I cared more about what people thought than what would make me happy. I was a coward. I robbed myself of true happiness.”

So what happened?  Did Jillian and Trevor stay together in this lifetime?

No.  Trevor, the lawyer, was so blown away by the intensity of his own emotions that he ghosted her. Blocked her. So once again, these two “soul mates” will have to wait. It takes two to tango, and it’s all free will.

I advised Jillian to love him from afar but to move on and look for someone else to love. And so she did!

Months later, she met another man, Brad, who was in his 50s, but he was Black, which made her anxious. She’d never dated a Black man and knew her parents would disapprove. She came to me to find their past life connection.

“I’m in the South. It was before the Civil War. My parents are spoiled, privileged idiots. I’m an only child. I’m on a plantation. The only one who loves me is my mammy, Bertha. She keeps saying, ‘Poor child. Poor child.’ The only kids around are the poor river kids. I’m not allowed to play with them. One boy keeps staring at me, and I run away. I think it’s Brad.

“It’s after the War, and we’ve lost everything. I don’t know where my parents are. Doesn’t matter. I’m at a dance; I’m in my 20s now. This boy comes up to me and looks at me as if he’s loved me all his life. It’s the boy from the river – it’s Brad.”

In that lifetime, she trusted him. He wanted to move out west, and they left the South and the sorrows of the past. Together they built a life, one filled with love.

“What’s happening now? I asked.

“We’re sitting on the porch of our farm. Our kids are gone; we’re holding hands and watching the sunset. I love him so much, and we’ve had such a good life, but now I’m dying. He picks me up, carries me inside, and lies beside me. I die; feeling is embrace, and knowing how much I’m loved.”

“And what did you learn?”

“That trusting love is my lesson for this lifetime. I can’t let caring what people think stop me from loving. I didn’t realize how deeply prejudiced I was until I met Brad.”

Jillian didn’t let what other people think, even her parents, define her life. As a result, she and Brad are still together.

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