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Want to Find Your Own Higher Purpose?

Find Higher Purpose - Awareness Therapy

Want to Find Your Higher Purpose?

Listen to the Whispers of Your Soul.

Most of my young clients come to me because they want answers to the big questions.  Why am I here?  What am I supposed to do?

And they want those answers to show up all at once!  Like a flashing neon sign blazing across the dark night sky.  That’s what they want, and wish I could give it to them.  But I’m sorry, I don’t care what guru you’re following on YouTube or Instagram, that’s not how it works.

How do I know?  I have the luxury of communicating with my own insane 20-something-self and 30-something-self, my own striving, crazed wanna-be-something-else self because I kept a journal.   Last night, I read from age 29 to 37, a transition time when I went from living in New York City, driving a cab weekend nights, acting, writing, taking jazz dancing classes, ballet classes, (and living with a narcissist) then finally, at long last moving back home to LA.  Those are pivotal years in anyone’s life.

And what’s the one thing that I would say to my own past self?

Meditate and listen to the Whispers from your Soul.

That’s why Mindful Awareness Therapy creates long term change. It helps you to quiet your own amygdala hi-jacked brain and hear what you need to do next.  By using hypnosis and Past Life Regression, you can get excited about your life and find the determination to follow through.

If I had my own past self here, I’d give her a stern talking to.  What would I say?  Value your time!  Believe in yourself!  Take action now!  Take classes.  Don’t focus on the problems you have; focus on what you can do bring more joy into your life.  Get help!  Everyone needs help, and successful people always ask for help.

So if you need help to believe in yourself, call me today: (323) 933-4377

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