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What is My Purpose? Why Am I Here?

Stephanie Riseley Hypnotherapy

What is My Purpose? Why Am I Here?

Want Answers?  Past-Life Regression, Awareness Therapy & Hypnotherapy can help!

Why am I here? What is my purpose? People from all corners of the planet contact me, seeking answers.

Why? Because we all have this deep knowingness that there’s more to life than what meets the eye.

Hypnotherapy, Awareness Therapy, and Past-Life Regression Therapy can help you answer these nagging questions.

How? First, Awareness Therapy will teach you techniques that calm down the constant chatter of your very active “monkey mind,” as Buddhists call it. Neurobiologists would simply call it brain function. It’s how your brain-wiring rolls: fear-based and fact acting – the fight, flee, freeze hard-wiring, or your “lizard brain.” It’s an easily manipulated brain. Awareness Therapy teaches you how to meditate.

In Awareness Therapy, you learn to listen to your thoughts and evaluate them by asking: “Is it true?” Then you know how to argue with them and not take them seriously. It takes practice, however. Lots of it! Like the old joke: A guy sees a man with a violin and asks, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” The musician says Practice! Practice! Practice!” Same with your brain. Awareness Therapy teaches you how to meditate.

What is my purpose? That’s the other most asked question or FAQ.

And that’s a tough one because there’s this idea that you have One Big Purpose. All religions rely on folks wanting easy answers. For instance, some religions believe in “original sin” and that nature is evil. Some religions teach that your body is vile, that sex is sinful, and that all that matters is some ideal “afterlife,” heaven or Nirvana.

The ancient Egyptians called it the Elysian Fields, and their High Priests made fortunes manipulating “fear-based” brains. Because of that, the Ancient Egyptian Priests sold the idea that the only “purpose” was to be submissive to them. They hypnotized everyone into believing their self-serving lies. As a result, pharaohs and the super-rich bought their way into the supposed afterlife. The Priesthood manipulated everyone by using fear-based shame, laced with a hefty dose of psychopathy: “My way, or the highway.”

But being ashamed of being human can’t be a good idea unless you were born a dolphin. So are dolphins ashamed of their sleek, beautiful bodies? Or having lots of joyous fun sex? Or getting stoned on pufferfish? Dolphins love being dolphins.

So why shouldn’t you love being human, being you?

You chose to incarnate as a human born on planet earth. Maybe you were born a tall, privileged, white American male. Or perhaps you wanted a bit more challenge, and you chose to be a Black woman this lifetime. Whatever choice you made, what if you incarnated to enjoy being you?

When I was a young, struggling wanna-be-actress in New York City, I drove a taxi to support myself. After driving in a snowstorm one late night, I came home exhausted at 3:00 a.m. I plopped down on the couch and wondered about my own “purpose.”

My insides lit up with a bright golden light, and a male voice boomed: “Life is to be loved!” It shocked me, but I knew that meant: Stop worrying! Stop complaining! Enjoy!

I wish I had trusted that voice back then. Unfortunately, it took me years to learn to trust myself and listen. And that’s what I teach clients: How to get quiet and listen—awareness Therapy.

Once you learn to listen, doing a Past-Life Regression can change your perspective and give you information. For example, why did you choose this life? This family? This husband, wife, or children? Then you’ll find your soul group, meet your fussy guides, and they will let you know what kind of “soul group” you come from. For example, I’m from a Healer/Warrior/Leader group, and usually, I’m male, not so in this lifetime. But I enjoy being a girl! So why not enjoy being you?

If you need help give me a call. (323) 933-4377

Sending you love,


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