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Be Your Higher Self

Pretend You To Be Own Higher Self – Just For Today!

What would you do if you were your own Higher Self? Your Kinder Self? Your more Compassionate Self?

I give this exercise to my clients to help them forgive. Forgive people who hurt them, people who betrayed them, or people who abandoned them. But mostly, finding a way to forgive themselves for things they feel guilty or ashamed of.

We all made mistakes because we were all children once. And sometimes we got shamed or punished for the mistakes that we made. When you get shamed as a child, you might have internalized that shame and made faulty assumptions about who you are as a person. Just last night, I had a beautiful gay client who told me that as a child she was told that she was an evil child. And she took that belief to heart, thought it was true and that belief shaped her life.

If for a moment, you can “pull back,” as if you were a cinematographer, and see the bigger picture of your life. Pretend to be your own Higher Self. Think of one thing you can do today that is more compassionate, kinder or giving. Then just do that one thing. The beginning of the journey always starts with one step. Begin it now!

Hypnosis, hypnotherapy and Past-Life Regression can help. if you need help, please call me, okay?


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