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Brian Weiss MD - Past Life Regression Therapy

Brian Weiss, Repressed Emotions & How Past life Regression Therapy Heals.

Years ago, I went to see Brian Weiss (my teacher) at an event at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.  As usual, he filled every seat.  His easy-going, Borsht-belt style of explaining how Past-Life Regression can work miracles makes everyone relax.

He asked us to pair up to experiment – just hold a watch or a piece of jewelry worn by a partner and see what feelings could be picked up.  He calls it “psychometry.”  A lovely woman, Shari, nodded to me, and she became my partner.  As I held her watch, however, my entire body filled with horrible pain – from my underarm, then across my chest and down to my groin.

When we exchanged information afterward, she told me she had metastasized breast cancer that had spread to her liver and uterus.  “Great,” I thought.

But then Shari became my client, and over the past years, she did amazing healing work.  When she was at last willing to look at the source of her cancer, we did a past life regression session devoted to that.

So in hypnosis, I asked her to talk to the cancer in her liver, and her liver told her that she was filled with rage at her family and her brother in particular.

Shari prides herself on being “spiritual,” and “all-giving” to her family, and that’s how she defines herself.  But her liver told her a different story.  Her liver expressed her complete rage at her family for not appreciating any of her sacrifices.  Shari couldn’t deny her own true feelings because her “liver” told her what it wanted from her:

 To stop making everyone’s life more important than her own.

But we didn’t stop there, because I knew there might be a lifetime that she needed to see, so I asked her to “see the lifetime” that would give her what she needed to help her have compassion for her brother, whom she refused to forgive.

“I’m a wild young man, a dare-devil,” she said, “I’m in a speed boat.  It’s the 1920s.  I’m very rich, but it’s not my money – it’s my family’s money.  Wow!  I’m just like my brother!”

Then, I took her back to the beginning of that life, and she saw herself as a young boy in New York City, with a widowed father who is just getting married again.  She’s now angry and resentful.  Then she saw the “next pivotal experience,” and that was the birth of a sister – a beautiful little girl.

And Shari, as the boy, fills with out of control rage and jealousy, because no one pays any attention to him any longer.  All focus goes to his darling little sister.

Time goes by, and he becomes so embittered and resentful, that he literally can’t do anything except hate his beautiful sister.  It fills every part of his being.

“That’s why I’m such a dare-devil,” Shari said.  “I want to say, Look at me!  Pay attention to me!”  But no one ever did, and he died young, filled with envy and hatred.  Shari kept saying, “I’m exactly like my brother is now, and his sister is like me now!”

It was the “ah-ha” moment.  Shari understood that was what this lifetime now is meant to teach her: What it feels like to be hated so much because of envy and jealousy.  And her cancer is simply her teacher, a “messenger.”

With the regression, Shari was able to release years of pent up, unexpressed rage.  In her mind, she thanked her brother for teaching her soul its needed lesion.  She freed herself from hatred.

Once we understand that we’re all victims and we’re all perpetrators, it frees us all.

So free yourself.  Especially if you’re on a spiritual path, take a look at your real emotions.  They’re not hidden.  You can find them in your conscious thought patterns.  That’s why Awareness Therapy is so powerful.  It helps you gain the skills needed to listen to your own thought.  Emotions don’t just happen.  Thoughts create emotions.  Begin to pay attention to your thoughts, and you can change your brain.  When you change your brain, you can change your life.

If you need help, please give me a call.

Sending you love,


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