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Awareness Therapy Los Angeles

Awareness Therapy Can Change Your Brain!

Emotions just don’t happen to you.  Emotions flow directly from your own thoughts and create the chemicals that can make you miserable. That’s brain science, and that’s why Awareness Therapy works miracles.

I ask clients to commit to five sessions, to begin with, because one session doesn’t produce much change.  It seems unrealistic to think that 70 years of anger and pain could be released in a few sessions, right?  But yesterday, that’s exactly what happened!

I have a 70-year-old client, male, Sammy, who came to see me three weeks ago because of severe depression, roiling anger, and an inability to enjoy his life and a new lover.  His 90-year-old mother had recently died, and he’s working at a $15 an hour job that barely supports him.

This after a wild lifetime of fast red cars, Orange County opulent track-manor materialism, combined with 30 years on Prozac and all the other psychiatric drugs prescribed to dull his psychic pain.  When his wife killed herself two years ago, he knew he’d hit the end of that road.

He realized that his old buried anger was hi-jacking his brain (amygdala hi-jacking) and kept him “looping” onto old miseries, he was ready to do the “brain exercises” to release it.  Because he worked hard, began to listen to his own thinking, and he had a major epiphany.  As he waited impatiently in his car at a stop sign, while a 400-pound man hobbled in across the street, he thought, “Why doesn’t he just let go of all that blubber?”

Not very compassionate, to say the least, but because he “paid attention” to his own thoughts, he got hit with an epiphany about his own “400 pounds of blubber.”  And it hit him like a lightning bolt, “Why do I want to carry 400 pounds of my blubbery-misery-invested-past in my brain?  Why do I keep diving into it, and swimming in it every day?

I’m ready to let it go!”

He showed up at my office, a changed man – ready to own his power again.  He told me a funny story that foreshadowed his entire life if you believe in “magical realism.”  When he was nine, he was at a farm in the Midwest that had an outhouse.  Being a curious boy, he took a big brick, looked down into the stinking hole, and then threw that brick down there.  Guess what happened?  Yes!  You got it!  He got splattered – completely covered in poop.  And as he told me the story, he laughed.  Like a shot, he realized that for his entire life, he’d been looking down the poop hole, throwing brinks down and getting covered in poop.

I asked if he was ready to stop throwing those bricks, and yes!  He’s ready.

So today, be aware of your own thoughts.  Stop throwing bricks down the pooper and getting covered in yuck!

Instead, look up at the blue sky, enjoy the scent of flowers, grass – focus away from the pain of your past, and embrace the freedom of choice in the NOW.

The choice is yours, however, to do it, or not… and that’s what creativity really is all about — knowing that your own thoughts are creating your own experience, yes?

Hypnotherapy, Awareness Therapy, and Past Life Regression can help you heal and get you out of your old habits.  If you need help, please give me a call.

Sending you love,


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