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Cultivate Your Muscles of Compassion

It Changes Your Brain

The newest neuroscience proves that creating compassion in your day-to-day life improves your brain, your body and your overall sense of well-being.  A recent Harvard University study shows that in both adults and children our first impulse is to help not compete, with others.  So follow your DNA!

But, how can you do that when you drive in Los Angeles?  Where everyone seems to be in a hurry and the level of anger seems to grow exponentially every day?

A good exercise?  While you drive, become an Undercover Angel and bless everyone.  The guy who cuts you off or the girl who flips you off – they both need compassion!  So that’s how you cultivate your muscles of compassion.  Think of those actions as Spiritual Push-Ups!  Do ten a day, and you’ll reap the rewards!

If you need help in finding your Purpose and stopping your run-away anger or ever-present anxiety, I can help you.

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Awareness Therapy, and Past Life Regression can change your life.  If you need help in opening your heart and using your imagination to help and heal yourself, please call me.

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