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Want More Love in Your Life

Want More Love in Your Life?

Then Open Your Heart and Send Out Beams of Love!

Just for today, pretend that you are a being of pure magic.  Pretend you choose to incarnate on this planet to heal it with love.  Pretend that it’s your true mission in life.  So every person you meet today, even the snarky, rude, unhappy people who have jobs they hate, and because of that, are rude to you… just take a deep breath, have compassion and smile.

And then … beam them with love.  Be kind, and send them love.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy!

The reason I’m writing this is that we all have nervous systems, and even the best of us get “triggered” by people not being nice to us in everyday life.  Last week, I had a client who just had a “spiritual awakening.”  In her regression, she saw who she was on a soul level, and she let go of all her anger.  She thought that meant that she would let go of all her anger… forever.

But it’s not that easy.  She went off to an exercise place, where some young, annoying girl refused to see her “divine” self, and so my darling client just blew her top.  And she was so surprised!  She also laughed at herself… and that diffused the situation.  And she forgave herself!

So today, send out beams of love.  Pretend!  The more love you send into the universe, the more love and abundance come back to you.  It’s not easy, but it’s doable, yes?

If you need help in opening your heart and using your imagination to help and heal yourself, please call me.

Sending you beams of love,



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